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DS Commands & Command Cards

One of the changes on the DS FAQ is a piece of errata for page 76, explaining the numbers of Commands per turn and Command cards the Overlord has. Some folk have found this a bit contra-intuitive, but it is … Continue reading

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A Couple More

Added a few more bits to the DS FAQ. Little by little…

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First Steps…

Just posted an initial version of the FAQ doc on the DS FAQ page. It’s only got a couple of questions so far (on Uncharted Dungeons), but it’s a start. I’ve actually answered more than this, I just need to collate them … Continue reading

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Home Again, Home Again…

Back at base again. Predictably, things didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped while I was away. My email provider decided that I was accessing things from somewhere different from usual (which I was) and as a security measure decided … Continue reading

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While I Have A Moment…

I thought that I would ramble a little about where DS is for me. Firstly, despite the large amount of  good stuff in DS, I’m a bit disappointed with some of it too and entirely understand why some of you … Continue reading

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Before I Forget

A while back I mentioned that a project I was working on would be revealed after Essen. Well, Essen’s come and gone and I’ve not mentioned it. The reason is that it’s been shelved for a while. Not canned, just … Continue reading

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Age of Tyrants Testing

I think I mentioned Age of Tyrants a while back – a forthcoming 6mm scale battle game set in the Urban War universe and designed by a friend of mine: Mark Brendan. Well Mark popped over this week to run through the … Continue reading

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