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Heroes Of Normandie Army Boxes

Michael asked me yesterday how big these were, so here’s a pic. The DreadBall rulebook is lined up against the top left corner as a reference, so the HoN army boxes are slightly larger than that (all 3 army boxes … Continue reading

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Heroes Of Normandie: (Big) Unboxing

I was going to write something else today, but then the postman arrived with a large and rather heavy box. I’ve put the Deadzone box beside it for comparison as that’s one of the biggest game boxes I’ve got. It makes DZ … Continue reading

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Salute Spoils

Back from Salute now, and what a show it was! The best show I’ve been to in ages, I think. Why? Several reasons. To start with there was a very upbeat and cheery atmosphere, both among the traders and the customers (not always the … Continue reading

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Down At Salute

This saturday is one of the biggest events in the UK gaming calendar: Salute. This is a big one-day show down in London, and this year I’ll be attending with the Mantic crew once again. For many of you this will … Continue reading

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Gamer Bling

Of the many gaming items I’ve acquired of late, perhaps the oddest is some new dice. No, not the D10s I ordered from Chessex, I’m talking about a pair of perfectly ordinary D6s I was given as a present. Well, when I … Continue reading

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Nexus Psi Book

Saw this book for the first time yesterday, when someone gave me a copy to sign for a customer. I’ve no idea if it’s any good or not, but it’s certainly shiny as you can see ;)

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Mantic Radio Podcast

Recorded with the chaps just before the Kickstarter ended.

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Apologies for last week’s silence. I’ve not been very well :( There’s a lot to catch up with, and I’ll be replying to your comments and suchlike as soon as I can.

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Xtreme Team-Building Part 3

I’ve looked at some of the background and some of the challenges for the team-building system in DBX. Now I want to go through the rules as they currently stand.   One-Off games In a one-off game you have a … Continue reading

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Xtreme Team-Building Part 2

Having talked about the background of the game yesterday, it’s time to look a bit closer at the details we need to consider when replicating it on the board. The changes between DB and DBX in terms of play style … Continue reading

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