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Rules At Half Price

For a short while (and I have no idea how long) Foundry are selling my God of Battles fantasy tabletop rules at half price. I’d tell you that they are a splendid and hugely entertaining set of rules with oddles of … Continue reading

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Gaming Daze

Spent part of yesterday’s gaming session playing Dungeon Sagas and all morning running through it again with some new victims at Mantic HQ. We played¹ one of the training missions about ten times, and they were all still cheery at the end of … Continue reading

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State Of Play

I don’t really like mixing lots of topics in one post, but a round up of where I’m at and what’s planned for the future seemed like a sensible thing to do at this point. Firstly, let me say thank you for your … Continue reading

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DKH Mini-Update

As most of you will know already, the next Mantic Kickstarter starts soon and is the latest in the Dwarf King’s Hold series – or is it? After considerable debate and many, many suggestions, we’ve decided to change the series … Continue reading

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Still Alive

Hi folks. I’m still here. It’s been a long time since I last posted, and some of you are rightly wondering what’s going on. Well, it’s nothing to do with any problems with the games. Let’s get that straight to start … Continue reading

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For Your DreadBall Convenience

Just so you know, this chap has come up with some sets of reference cards for DB. I haven’t got any myself yet, so I can’t comment more than to say that they’re available. If you’ve got some I’d like … Continue reading

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What Makes A Good (Pure) Co-Op Game?

You tell me. Bu “you”, I mean the happy folk who particularly enjoy this style of play. As I said earlier, it’s not something I really get on with. What would be both helpful and interesting is to know what … Continue reading

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Why Co-Op And I Don’t Get On

Co-operative play is rather fashionable in game designs at the moment. It comes in a few distinct flavours, and although they can be quite different they all tend to get lumped together into “co-op”. Personally, I like some types and can’t get … Continue reading

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Yet More Money

I don’t mention every Kickstarter that catches my eye. Honest. But here’s another one I’ve pledged for and which might interest you too: Fallen Frontiers. It’s a biggish scale SF skirmish game in a box, with some lovely looking models. … Continue reading

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Talking About DKH 4

While I was at the UK Expo I did a couple of interviews. The first one has now gone up: There is a lot of background noise as it was a very busy event. I think you can hear it … Continue reading

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