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When Will He Stop?

I’m afraid I have another Kickstarter to mention. Only bumped into this one just now, so it’s not part of a conspiracy to empty your wallet. Honest. However, this one was just too good to pass up on. I’d say … Continue reading

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Yet Another Kickstarter

Today’s Figone newsletter included a mention of this book, which looks very much up my street. As I suspect many of you chaps have a similar interest in this sort of stuff, I thought I’d wave it under your collective noses too … Continue reading

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So Who’s Going?

Just had to post this.

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Has It Been That Long?

Yes it has. Apologies all round. As ever it’s simply the workload that’s getting in the way of posting. Fingers crossed I can get the DS articles finished soon. Not promising anything though as that never ends well. Unfortunately I can’t … Continue reading

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15mil Loveliness – Last Day

It’s not often I’m impressed by 15mm scale foot figures. In fact, it might be never. Until now. Well, until the last Salute, when I first came across these gorgeous little offerings from the guys behind the previous year’s rather … Continue reading

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Dungeon Saga Role Playing

Is DS a roleplaying game? It’s a question I’ve heard a few times now. The answer is very simple: no… and yes. No, DS is not designed to be an RPG, and never was. It lacks any specific guidance or … Continue reading

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Don’t Know About DS

What don’t you already know about DS? I’ve been trying to write something interesting about DS and failing. Not because there’s nothing to say, just that I think I’ve already said it all already. A combination of articles here, Mantic … Continue reading

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