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Numbers Always Lie

Ben dug out an interesting report on the value of gaming as a whole (in the US). It’s interesting stuff. For me, the most troubling thought is not that CCGs are worth almost twice the total of other types of gaming put together … Continue reading

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A Brief DS Alpha Update

I’ve been a bit overrun with various craziness for the last week, so haven’t posted as much as I’d like. The following is a sort of roundup of answers to common questions. There’s so much discussion and suggestions on the … Continue reading

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Is There An Echo?

It may be my imagination, but it seems to me that the backers of the Dungeon Sagas Kickstarter are a chattier bunch than normal. Or, if not chattier, perhaps more wordy. Now I’m the last person to suggest that this is … Continue reading

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Live Dungeon Sagas Interview Tonight

From 6.30pm UK time (7.30pm CET) tonight I’ll be doing another one of those Google hangouts thingamajigs live on Youtube. If you’re in a different timezone then there’s a handy countdown timer on there so you can see how long you … Continue reading

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The Many Modes Of Play

With the $300K stretch goal smashed on the Kickstarter, we’ve now added not one, but two AI decks to the game. Adding this to the already flexible design means that there are now more different ways of playing than I … Continue reading

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A Quick Detail For The DS Scenarios

I’ll get a FAQ for the DS Alpha done tomorrow. In the meantime, a couple of points about piles of bones. The Necromancer has a limit of 4 Skeleton Warriors on the board at once in each Scenario. This makes … Continue reading

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A Brisk DS Round Up

Just in case I don’t get time online this weekend, I wanted to post a quick summary of where I’m at with DS comments. To start with, I’d like to say  a big thank you for all your comments both here, … Continue reading

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Zen Spam

Most days I drag a piece of spam or two out of the comments on Quirkworthy. Normally it’s an obvious advert, but today’s effort made me smile, so I thought I’d share. At least, share the text (you don’t want … Continue reading

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Dungeon Sagas Alpha Rules

They are available at this link. At least, they were briefly, then the demand crashed the servers ;) So, when that’s all fixed they will be available. I’m assured that the appropriate tech gurus are on the case as we speak… … Continue reading

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Dungeon Sagas Live Discussion

I think I’ve put up more posts today than ever before. Apologies for the inundation. Anyway, one last post from me today. Promise tomorrow will be saner (I often say that) :) Starting at 6pm UK time (BST), Ronnie and … Continue reading

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