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Covert Ops

Aplogies for not dealing with your comments for the last few days. I’m not currently at my desk and am writing this without any reference books to check rules queries and such. I’m also not sure if I will have … Continue reading

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Review: Spectre Miniatures – First Look

This morning I got a handful of figures from Spectre Miniatures‘ Kickstarter. These are a range of ultra-modern 28mm figures that cover both western forces, PMCs (Private Military Contractors – mercenaries), and indigenous African troops, militias and rebels. I chose … Continue reading

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Fighty Comes In Several Heights

In the comments of a recent post, Danny was asking about the tweaks for the Dungeon Saga Dwarf and Barbarian. The simplest answer is posting a pic of the current working copies. Those of you who played the Dungeon Saga rules from … Continue reading

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November Is Safe

Those of you who read the Mantic blog will know that November has been declared safe, and that there is no longer a need for Containment Protocol until next year. In other words, no Deadzone for now. As is the … Continue reading

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A Little Dungeon Saga

Among other things, we had a few goes through some of the early scenarios for DS yesterday. It’s important to get the first few scenarios right before you run off and do the rest because they are the ones with … Continue reading

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MA Posters

In case any of you fancy decorating your ruined walls with some posters, these were shared by Marcel Popik on FaceBook. There are more on the FB group :) I think the bits at the bottom are newspapers for you to litter … Continue reading

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Mars Attacks Compendium

This should now be available digitally to backers. I didn’t back it myself, but that’s what I’m told. I expect that today’s Mantic newsletter(s) will explain the details if you’re not sure how to get hold of it. A couple of … Continue reading

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