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A DS Snippet

Yesterday was another 14 hours at my desk on DS, and today looks like being busy too. Still, the end is very much in sight. The last week’s not been much different. Hopefully that should explain why I’ve not been posting … Continue reading

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Signs & Portents

I write this in a world dimmed by an eclipse, and very dramatic it is too. Even though I have seen them before, it’s easy to see why less scientific cultures thought this a great omen. And, if we want … Continue reading

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Teaser Trailer

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We’re All Dead

I’m sorry to have to be the one to break the news, but we’re all dead. Along with some other brave Heroes I’ve been down in the depths, fighting against the Necromancer’s horde. There were zombies and skeletons, revenants and … Continue reading

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New Painting Books

Last week was quite a good one for swag. Among the many things I acquired were two different painting books, both of which look really good. Just had a quick flick through so far, and they seem to be taking quite a … Continue reading

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Little And Large

Yesterday’s Dungeon Saga playtest day went well, with lots of happy faces and people having fun – which is what it’s about. We’d divided the group into those who had played before and those who were new to it. The new group … Continue reading

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Incoming Playtest Day

I’ve got a bunch of helpful comments to reply to on the latest threads. However, today I’ve been busy getting stuff ready for tomorrow’s DS playtest day. For that, we’re going to be splitting the group so that we can play both … Continue reading

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