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Space Hulk, Eh?

After the success of DreadFleet, I heard various “never again” rumours from GW. Then we had the Blood Bowl new edition rumours that came to nothing. To me, that sounded like a far better idea than Dreadfleet ever was (even though … Continue reading

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One Old, One New

Played a couple of board games yesterday. Nanuuk is an German game that I’ve had since it came out in 1998. I don’t think you can get it any more, which is a shame as it’s a fun little game. It’s a … Continue reading

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Updating Dungeon Sagas

In case you missed this in the comments: I will be putting up some rules updates for Dungeon Sagas here as the project rolls along. Unfortunately I can’t give you a fixed timetable for specific bits yet, so you’ll just have … Continue reading

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Mars Attacks Miniatures – Part 3

Just a few final thoughts to add to yesterday’s post. Rentonite is likely to be with us for a while. Dungeon Sagas will be largely produced in it, as I suspect will many more of Mantic’s models going forward. Other … Continue reading

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Mars Attacks Miniatures – Part 2

As I said yesterday, I’ve been struggling to get some good pictures to go with this post. I’ve had another go, though they still aren’t much cop. Apologies for that. Either way, they’ll have to do for now. I’ve left … Continue reading

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Spoke Too Soon

Those pics will have to wait till tomorrow when I’ve got better light. I’ll try again first thing. I did mean to do this earlier, I just got distracted by work. Turns out that the box contents models have far … Continue reading

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Don’t Use That, Use This!

Slight change of plan. Remember those Mars Attacks miniatures I showed you yesterday? Well I had to give them back for photography. Still haven’t got the whole shipment of those things in yet. However, I’ve managed to replace them with … Continue reading

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