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Mars Attacks Compendium

This should now be available digitally to backers. I didn’t back it myself, but that’s what I’m told. I expect that today’s Mantic newsletter(s) will explain the details if you’re not sure how to get hold of it. A couple of … Continue reading

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Martians In Deadzone – Rules

Back from the meeting, and things are pretty much as I suggested earlier. I’m not sure when the printed rules will arrive, so in the meantime here are my original docs for the rules that are needed to go with the … Continue reading

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Martians In Deadzone

From some of the comments I’ve got, it seems that people have got a bit confused about the Martian (and Human) decks of cards for Deadzone. These cards are for Deadzone only, and are written as if Mars Attacks (the … Continue reading

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Review: Lords Of War – On The Table

In the first part of this review I looked at the physical components of the game, what you got in the box, and so on. In this part I’ll cover the rules. So you know where I’m coming from, I’ve … Continue reading

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Hoary Old Chestnuts

When I sail through the stats for this site, I am often surprised by the continued popularity of my Dreadfleet review, and even more of my Salvage Project. This is even though I’ve done nothing with it since Jan 2012. Every … Continue reading

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Review: Lords Of War – In The Box

Lords of War is a fantasy card game depicting a battle between two armies. It comes in packs of paired armies, though you can actually fight any army against any other, and there are rules for making your own mercenary … Continue reading

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Tinkering With The FAQ

I’m going to try a slightly different approach to dealing with the FAQs for a bit and see how we go. Rather than doing nothing at all, then big updates, I’ll try to trickle out the replies to comments, getting … Continue reading

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