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DS Beta Rules Up

The beta of the core rules are up now. It’s a big download, so be aware. Don’t worry about the end of the pledge manager coming up as there’s going to be a second one fairly soon. This gives you … Continue reading

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A Second DS Playtest Day

In case you don’t subscribe to the Mantic newsletter, yesterday’s had this little snippet in: “After the great feedback we had at the first event, we’re holding a second Dungeon Saga Playtest Day on the 7th March. Get in touch … Continue reading

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Dungeon Saga Beta Rules Questions

Just had an email from the chaps at Mantic Towers. They’re about ready to release the beta rules to the KS backers, and thought it might be useful to have a thread here for you guys to feed back any comments … Continue reading

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An Aside

Excuse me while I have a little rant. Every day I spend many hours sitting at a computer, working with a number of different bits of software. Most of them I’ve used for a couple of decades, so I’m pretty familiar … Continue reading

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DS Tile Thickness

Someone asked me about this the other day, so I thought I’d put up a pic. The DS tiles are on board that’s a touch over 2mm thick – perhaps 2.25mm. Hard to be precise without precision callipers. The board I was … Continue reading

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The Adventurer’s Companion

One of the most challenging areas of Dungeon Saga has been deciding where best to make the split between the core game and the Adventurer’s Companion. From the start we knew that there was going to be this division, and … Continue reading

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Queries About The DS Pledge Manager

Mantic asked me to pass on the contact for any questions you might have relating to the DS pledge manager itself. It’s If I was clever then I could make that a link that opened a new email for you. If … Continue reading

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