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No, not a game about bees (though I did do one of those). Just my mood this morning after a great gaming session last night. As I said on Facebook, I think everyone should try gaming. Why doesn’t everyone? What is … Continue reading

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And Another One

And Demented have finally set a date (for their Kickstarter) :) I’ve been working with these guys for a while, though only on a rules front. They need zero help from me on the miniatures end of things. Their work … Continue reading

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While I Was Out…

…a whole bunch of stuff happened. As you’d expect. One item of note was that the Age of Tyrants Kickstarter went live, and I’m happy to see that it’s already funded with a fortnight left to run. Just a case of … Continue reading

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Hello Internet!

Back online. Finally. This is all fallout from the house move, as regular readers may have guessed. It all went abysmally wrong at almost every step, and it’s been a massive time sink. No internet in the new place either, and … Continue reading

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SF Skirmish Games

I mentioned in comments on another post that I was working on two other SF skirmish games, and some folk have asked to know more. Well these are both things I’m sure I’ve mentioned before… The first is Eternal Battle. This is … Continue reading

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Notes From Limbo

When the year is this fresh, it’s customary to declare all manner of noble and ambitious goals for the forthcoming twelvemonth. “What are your New Year’s resolutions”, people ask. My own custom is not to make them. They are seldom … Continue reading

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DS Reprints

Mantic asked me today if there were any bits that needed correcting in RoV or AC. I said we should ask you guys, so here I am :) The instructions on what sort of thing they’re after was: “We’re looking for typos … Continue reading

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