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15mil Loveliness – Last Day

It’s not often I’m impressed by 15mm scale foot figures. In fact, it might be never. Until now. Well, until the last Salute, when I first came across these gorgeous little offerings from the guys behind the previous year’s rather … Continue reading

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Dungeon Saga Role Playing

Is DS a roleplaying game? It’s a question I’ve heard a few times now. The answer is very simple: no… and yes. No, DS is not designed to be an RPG, and never was. It lacks any specific guidance or … Continue reading

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Don’t Know About DS

What don’t you already know about DS? I’ve been trying to write something interesting about DS and failing. Not because there’s nothing to say, just that I think I’ve already said it all already. A combination of articles here, Mantic … Continue reading

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Back At My Desk

Back to the routine (and a full inbox) again after a splendid time at the UK Game Expo in Brum. If you’re at all interested in board gaming, or just going in general, then you should seriously consider attending next … Continue reading

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Lead Painter’s League

I keep forgetting to mention this, which is odd as I find it so entertaining. Many of you will know this, though I’d guess a few won’t (the internet is quite large). In case you don’t know it, the Lead … Continue reading

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Mantic’s Reveal Week

Over on their blog, Mantic are doing a week’s worth of spilling the beans on all manner of upcoming goodies. Some of these are DS related, so until the dust has settled on this I’ll hold of on DS topics … Continue reading

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Weekend Eventing

As I said on Friday, the weekend had a couple of events to fill my time. The Mantic Day on Saturday was jolly, with plenty of happy folk playing a variety of games. Instead of a single theme, the plan was to … Continue reading

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