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Deadzone Points Values

Of all the games I’ve worked on, Deadzone is probably the most awkward to balance in terms of points. There are all the usual reasons for points systems not working, though in the case of DZ it’s more than that. … Continue reading

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Deadzone: When Do You Count VPs?

Have a look at the different ways to earn VPs on page 41. When you Kill a target listed on your mission, or scamper off with an item for Scour, it’s pretty easy to see that you should count those … Continue reading

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Nexus Psi Book

Saw this book for the first time yesterday, when someone gave me a copy to sign for a customer. I’ve no idea if it’s any good or not, but it’s certainly shiny as you can see ;)

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Nexus Psi

The KS backers got the digital download of this campaign supplement today. I’m putting this here in case anyone has any comments.

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Actually, Ignore That…

Better version. Changed Bjarg’s outfit to just do the drop armour bit, and not anything fancy once he’s arrived. That tidies things up a bit. Mercs for Q v3

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More DZ Mercs

Edit: ignore this and look at the next version¬†instead. Like it says, here’s some more mercs plus the last lot again. I’ve reworked Eddak P’mera and left the other two as they were. Mercs for Q v2 The issue with … Continue reading

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Deadzone: Code 13

Code 13 The elite forces of the Corporation, Rebels and Marauders are the best they have to offer, but even these outstanding warriors sometimes run into enemies they find a challenge. Asterian and Forge Father armies have fought across the … Continue reading

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Some New Deadzone Mercs

You’ve seen the art, and possibly even the models. Here are the rules: Some mercs for Q v01 This instalment covers 3 new mercs: Eddak P’mera, Chief Radgrad,¬†and Bjarg Starnafall. P’mera and Bjarg are both scouts, though quite different ones. … Continue reading

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Deadzone Unboxing

I’m sure there are several of these online already. This one has me rambling on about stuff too ;)

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DZ Blaze vs Construct

I’m currently thinking that this is the best balance point between making BA too powerful and too ineffective. It’s still not a great deal of use against Asterian Cyphers, but they are particularly heavily armoured for Constructs, and not all … Continue reading

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