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Deadzone: Cards And Actions

Following on from a question on the FAQ thread, I’ve been re-reading the rules concerning the way certain cards work. It isn’t really as clear as I’d like so I thought I’d try to make it clearer here. The cards … Continue reading

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DZ FAQ Tomorrow

I’ve done some work on the DZ FAQ today and would like to do some more on it tomorrow. Rather than putting up two updates within 24 hours of each other (and confusing everyone) I’m going to do a slightly larger one tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Deadzone Scenery Details

I’ve been collecting interesting bits to do a series on building Deadzone scenery. The idea was to start with the basics and explore various ways of adding detail as we went on. This is partly because it’s something I’m asked … Continue reading

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Mantic Open Day Piccies

Got the pictures to work now. No idea what that was all about. Anyway… I’ll cover DKH in another post. These are some pics of the different stuff that was going on during the day, to give you a flavour. … Continue reading

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DZ Experimental Rule Number 2

This was actually something that got removed while we were simplifying things during Deadzone’s development. However, I rather like it. Simple, easy to remember, and helps balance out the opening moments of the battle. It also nicely reflects the confusion and … Continue reading

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Latest DZ FAQ Update

I thought I might finish going through all the comments today. Didn’t quite do that, though I got pretty close. I’ve got a bunch of odds and ends from various places to tie in, plus a handful left on the … Continue reading

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Climb, Sprint And Move Actions In DZ

There have been a number of questions around the 3 different movement based actions in Deadzone. I thought I’d take a moment to discuss some of the decisions behind using this particular mix.   Move This is the basic action … Continue reading

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