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Why Co-Op And I Don’t Get On

Co-operative play is rather fashionable in game designs at the moment. It comes in a few distinct flavours, and although they can be quite different they all tend to get lumped together into “co-op”. Personally, I like some types and can’t get … Continue reading

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Deadzone Points Values

Of all the games I’ve worked on, Deadzone is probably the most awkward to balance in terms of points. There are all the usual reasons for points systems not working, though in the case of DZ it’s more than that. … Continue reading

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Playtesting Questions

I was asked the other day about playtesting. Over on the Games Design page John said the following: “I’ve been developing a game with a few friends for a while, could you maybe provide some insight into what kinds of … Continue reading

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Game Design Theory: Playtest In Parts

In general there is a tendency to think of playtesting as simply playing the game lots of times. This is an important part of the process, but I think it’s only part of the story. Playtesting is a complicated subject … Continue reading

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Mars Attacks – The Design Challenge

Every game has its own combination of tricky bits to get right, and one of the most important things to do as a designer is work out what these are as early as possible so you get more time to … Continue reading

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DreadBall, Sucker Punch and Running Interference

This has been on the FAQ to be answered for a while now, and yesterday I took a stab at it. However, the more I ponder it, the more I think that my initial reaction was wrong. I’ll explain why … Continue reading

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Did They Deserve To Die?

Today I’ve been murdering a lot of darlings, or at least I think I have. What’s perhaps more interesting than the details is a question I posed myself after a bit of pondering: How can you tell the difference between … Continue reading

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Soporific Subjects

I’ve spent most of the day catching up on paperwork, though naturally my brain was trying to focus on games (as ever). Normally I’m able to make pretty much any subject into a game idea, given a few minutes consideration, … Continue reading

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Deadzone Designer’s Notes – Mercs

Call them mercenaries, call them characters, call them whatever you like, Deadzone is acquiring an ever-growing group of individual heroes and heroines to add spice and story to your games. So how do they fit in? Balance or Overwhelm? Well … Continue reading

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Deadzone Designer’s Notes – The Other Solo Rules

As I mentioned yesterday, there are two kinds of solo rules for DZ. The first ones are the involved and complex (in design terms) ones; the second are full of zombies. The idea of a solo campaign where you play … Continue reading

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