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Romans Go Home

I watched a documentary on some headless Romans while I was having my tea (as you do),  and it brought up a question I’d like to ask you guys. It’s not about the main point of the story (though that … Continue reading

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Space Hulk, Eh?

After the success of DreadFleet, I heard various “never again” rumours from GW. Then we had the Blood Bowl new edition rumours that came to nothing. To me, that sounded like a far better idea than Dreadfleet ever was (even though … Continue reading

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Don’t Use That, Use This!

Slight change of plan. Remember those Mars Attacks miniatures I showed you yesterday? Well I had to give them back for photography. Still haven’t got the whole shipment of those things in yet. However, I’ve managed to replace them with … Continue reading

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Put It Another Way

As the comments on my post on diversity seem to be drifting this way anyway, perhaps it’s worth starting a topic about new recruits. Gaming seems to be doing pretty well these days. The rise of English language Euro games, … Continue reading

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Improving Diversity In Miniature Gaming

Recently, over on Beastsofwar, there was a series of discussions on the forum about whether Games Workshop was racist or not. As is the way with these things, it bled sideways into various related topics and became somewhat heated at … Continue reading

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Moving Things Forward

I’m off for a meeting at Mantic HQ in a short while. I think everyone’s recovered from the craziness of the weekend and has digested at least a little of the huge task ahead :) Apparently there are some productions samples … Continue reading

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Is There An Echo?

It may be my imagination, but it seems to me that the backers of the Dungeon Sagas Kickstarter are a chattier bunch than normal. Or, if not chattier, perhaps more wordy. Now I’m the last person to suggest that this is … Continue reading

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