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When Will He Stop?

I’m afraid I have another Kickstarter to mention. Only bumped into this one just now, so it’s not part of a conspiracy to empty your wallet. Honest. However, this one was just too good to pass up on. I’d say … Continue reading

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Yet Another Kickstarter

Today’s Figone newsletter included a mention of this book, which looks very much up my street. As I suspect many of you chaps have a similar interest in this sort of stuff, I thought I’d wave it under your collective noses too … Continue reading

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So Who’s Going?

Just had to post this.

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Has It Been That Long?

Yes it has. Apologies all round. As ever it’s simply the workload that’s getting in the way of posting. Fingers crossed I can get the DS articles finished soon. Not promising anything though as that never ends well. Unfortunately I can’t … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts

Another busy week not posting here ;P Getting on with the DZ stuff, testing out ways of streamlining and clarifying the rules so that the learning curve shallows out without losing the interesting bits. I don’t normally get a chance … Continue reading

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More Samurai

Inspired by the Ashigaru, and tempted by a superb piece of timing from North Star, I got a few more toys this morning :) This is one each of the four boxes that make up Wargames Factory’s Rising Sun range. … Continue reading

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I’m not very well :( A 4am start for Salute, plus very little sleep the night after helped me do a convincing zombie impersonation yesterday and not much else. I was coming down with something before all the excitement of Salute, … Continue reading

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