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Still Alive

Hi folks. I’m still here. It’s been a long time since I last posted, and some of you are rightly wondering what’s going on. Well, it’s nothing to do with any problems with the games. Let’s get that straight to start … Continue reading

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DKH, Expo and Stuff

Lots of interesting and encouraging comments on the post I wrote about the upcoming Dwarf King’s Hold 4. Thank you for those. Agree, disagree or otherwise, it’s always good to have the feedback. As a folllow-on to that article, I’m part-way through writing … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Else Think This?

A ramble and a rant: I’ve been watching the Spectre Miniatures Kickstarter recently, as I mentioned a while back. In fact, I pledged for it then, and may be upping that amount to get some more of their increasing range of … Continue reading

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Plastics Going Cheap!

Seems to be the season for it. Both Warlord and Victrix are having a sale on some of their plastics. Warlord are doing 50% off their sprues until the end of May, and Victrix 25% off boxed sets till the 12th … Continue reading

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Slight Technical Hitch

I’ve not forgotten about the pictures from the weekend. In fact, I prepped a load of pics yesterday and selected the best from those. Unfortunately I can’t upload any images at all at the moment :( No idea why. I’ll give it another … Continue reading

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Slightly Wonky Weekend

The best laid plans, and all that… Well the Mantic Open Day went off as planned, and much fun was had by all. I took loads of pics and some are even usable. We did 3 seminars and covered a … Continue reading

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Dino Rustling

Yesterday I found a nice little bargain whilst running an errand, and today I returned to clear the shelf. And what was this bargain? Dinosaurs. Thousands of them. Well, maybe not thousands, but quite a few. Enough for a proper looking … Continue reading

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Gamer Bling

Of the many gaming items I’ve acquired of late, perhaps the oddest is some new dice. No, not the D10s I ordered from Chessex, I’m talking about a pair of perfectly ordinary D6s I was given as a present. Well, when I … Continue reading

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Apologies for last week’s silence. I’ve not been very well :( There’s a lot to catch up with, and I’ll be replying to your comments and suchlike as soon as I can.

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Lots To Read

Well that was interesting. As the new WD isn’t available anywhere I can walk to, I’ve been in town all morning. However, as I was there I thought I’d pick up some other magazines that aren’t available locally and have … Continue reading

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