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An Aside – Some Interesting Kickstarters

As Kickstarters are transitory, I don’t want to wait till the current DB flurry is done to mention these. There are two KS projects that I’m currently backing which I thought might be of interest. I’ve got nothing to do … Continue reading

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Ada Lorana Redux

Here’s a new version of the Ada Lorana with the Phaser wording (and rule) changed. Hopefully this is clearer, and more fun to play. Ada-Lorana v2 I’ve not changed the points costs for the team. The view was that they … Continue reading

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Playtesting Timescales & Comments

Firstly I’d like to thank all those who’ve posted comments already on these latest DB teams. Lots of interesting and useful stuff. I’ll catch up with themĀ again tomorrow and reply to the latest ones. In terms of timescale for this, … Continue reading

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Would You Like Teleportation With That?

And here’s the Koris team for DreadBall. Slippery lot. Koris

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Sulentic Shards

The first of the new teams for you to have a look at is the Sulentic Shards: the Crystallan team. Crystallans I think that these guys are reasonably balanced as a team, though they are one of the tricker ones … Continue reading

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Lots of stuff incoming…

Hi folks, and thanks for your patience. I know I’ve been very quiet of late, but that’s not for want of doing stuff. In fact, the amount of things I’ve been doing is why I’ve not been online. However, that’s … Continue reading

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Signs & Portents

I write this in a world dimmed by an eclipse, and very dramatic it is too. Even though I have seen them before, it’s easy to see why less scientific cultures thought this a great omen. And, if we want … Continue reading

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