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Signs & Portents

I write this in a world dimmed by an eclipse, and very dramatic it is too. Even though I have seen them before, it’s easy to see why less scientific cultures thought this a great omen. And, if we want … Continue reading

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I went to a local games show called Hammerhead yesterday, which was a bit of a break from sitting at my computer. It was the first time in a while that I’d been to a show with no work to … Continue reading

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An Aside

Excuse me while I have a little rant. Every day I spend many hours sitting at a computer, working with a number of different bits of software. MostĀ of them I’ve used for a couple of decades, so I’m pretty familiar … Continue reading

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What Should I Call This?

Well here I am again. It seems like ages since I posted, mainly because it has been. Sorry about that. There are all sorts of reasons for my absence, but none of them are intrinsically interesting enough to bother you … Continue reading

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Covert Ops

Aplogies for not dealing with your comments for the last few days. I’m not currently at my desk and am writing this without any reference books to check rules queries and such. I’m also not sure if I will have … Continue reading

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Fastest Kickstarter In The West

I often hear people bemoaning the lateness of this or that Kickstarter project. Some are over a year behind schedule, and so it’s hardly surprising folk get peeved. In contrast to this trend, I recently got a boxed game called … Continue reading

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Weird Stats

Not game stats, but website stats. This morning I looked at the stats for this site to see how many page views there had been. At that point there had been 270. The strange thing was that there had, apparently, … Continue reading

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