Dwarf King’s Hold

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  1. Will there be any further runs of the Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising set?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’ve not heard either way. If Green Menace is available then that is a starter set too and is designed to be played without Undead Rising as a stand-alone game. You could try that. In some ways it’s more developed.

      There is also DKH4 coming fairly soon, and that also has Undead aplenty ;)

  2. I have Green Menace, I just thought it’d be cool to collect them all, as I liked the look of the Dwarf vs Undead demo vids from Beasts of War etc on Youtube. Maybe use both together and get the Ancient Grudge add on as well for a four way smackdown.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Ah, I see. It would be cool to collect them all as they combine very nicely (especially with AG) to make more than the sum of their parts. Perhaps it will be reprinted when we get to DKH4.

  3. Geoffrey Briggs says:

    Jake what about maybe a Deluxe edition of Dwarf King’s Hold with all the current ones? I just found a new copy of Dead Rising and the miniatures are crazy detailed. Wish their was a aid to assembly. I have never done miniatures on sprues yet. Have to pick me up a set ok clippers next time I’m at the game store. Looking forward to seeing any news in the future of DK4.

  4. I agree with Geoffrey regarding both the DKH having a Deluxe Edition or something with Dead Rising etc all in the one box. I also think that the miniatures inside -while there was nothing really wrong with the ones that came from KoW -and by extension, those in Project Pandora: Grim Cargo- it would have been awesome if they were easier to assemble for quick play, whether that means hole and post snap together models like from Gee Dubya Space Crusade or even the way the Dreadball season 1 and 2 figures tend to be post-hole-glue jobs, rather than a lesson in learning in patience and conversion/assembly skills.

  5. Sean Clark says:

    Somewhat out of the loop and only just found out about these games. I’ve picked up Ancient Grudge and Green Menace. What is the third one of the set? I too would like to complete the set.

  6. Jeff Briggs says:

    Sean the other main box is Dead Rising but their is also a monster set that I have seen. I at the moment only have Dead Rising but put the othe 3 on my list as well as eagerly waiting to here news about the next installment.

  7. Dead Rising was the first set, now currently out of production, The Dungeon Monsters set is just that, it adds more figures. I’d like to get Dead Rising just to complete the collection and maybe the Dungeon Monsters add on as well perhaps…

  8. Mike says:

    Any word on a Dwarf Kings Hold Kickstarter? Would love to see a nice set with terrain, a la Deadzone and Mars Attacks.

  9. Second this! Plus dungeon delves are even easier to rationale for a game. Add a few as yet unseen factions, use in this or KoW models… Maybe some rickety bridges, scaffolds, mining huts, tombs…

  10. hope to see a DKH co-op version, like zombicide or arkham horror :P

  11. mastertugunegb says:

    Multiplayer DKH would rock. Could be the Ultimate Dreadball version of DKH. Smaller parties if not a single character each, and each player could either have their own token pool or draw from the same one. Could make player initiative interesting.

  12. Churon says:

    I have Green Menace and Ancient Grudge sets. And I will be getting Dead Rising soon. I do like the custom warband builder in Ancient Grudge. I would like to see rules for additional races and units.

    I am hoping that someone will come up with warband builder rules for Project Pandora too. Or will Deadzones new rules supersede PP rules?

  13. Matt Price says:

    Any possibility of a DKH4 update before the new year? Really looking forward to this one.

  14. jack says:

    would love to hear any info on dkh4 as well……

  15. Wouldn’t mind seeing a Mantic take on Space Crusade, esp with the Dreadball/DeadZone mechanics. Though I suppose DeadZone can work just fine, Campaign wise for 2 players…

  16. jack says:

    i’m reading elsewhere that dhk4 will be pushed back to 2015.Is there any truth to this? that would be very disappointing if true.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Where did you read that?

      • jack says:

        on the mantic blog. from what the poster claims are comments from the last open day made by ronnie. I wasn’t there, so i have no idea. Just wanting to say again that i think this game on kickstarter would be a bigger success than deadzone (and i love deadzone) and would be well worth the effort to see it done. Keep up the great work!j

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Thanks Jack.

          As of a conversation this morning, the latest news I have is that a final decision on the timing for DKH 4 has not yet been made. I’d like it sooner rather than later as well, but I also want it done with sufficient time to get it done to the highest standard we can, and that’s a case of having to fit in with all the other ongoing projects Mantic are up to :)

  17. Matt Price says:

    I would echo that. I’m eager for a game like this (was captivated by the Shadows of Brimstone ks project, have followed but ultimately am not going to back the Heroquest 25th anniversary project, absolutely love Deadzone, etc) and really do hope the project hits kickstarter some time in 2014.

    My vote is for early 2014. :)

  18. jack says:

    early or later I just hope it is in 2014!

  19. jack says:

    I will choose to beleive that the above smiley face does indeed mean we will get the game this year. Please, oh please let it be this year!

  20. obsidian3d says:

    I was able to find a copy of Dead Rising on ebay for around original retail price including shipping, and a copy of Ancient Grudge and Project Pandora at one of my local shops. Next stop will be the Mantic online store for Green Menace and the dungeon monsters. I do hope you’ll have the chance to return to both of these series soon. :D

  21. jack says:

    So apparently a mini kickstarter later this year says ronnie. I feel like celebrating!!!!!

  22. Matt Price says:

    What the heck is a *mini* kickstarter?!?

  23. mastertugunegb says:

    Take one kickstarter… shrink it somewhat. Raise pinky finger to lips and then raise eyebrow. “Mini” Kickstarter!

  24. jack says:

    I was thinking the same thing. Am I the only one who thinks this could bigger than the dreadball extreme they just ran?

  25. Geoffrey Briggs says:

    I just won eBay auction for both Ancient Grudge and Green Menace for $30. Both are new and even has the metal mini still. Now just need to pick up the monster pack. Then enjoy till DHK Kickstarter. Really looking forward to it. Just hope the box for the is one is a little more sturdy. Congrats on DBX Jake. I don’t envy you right now. Mar Attack rules, Dreabball Xtreme rules, DHK is rules, and all your other projects ideas floating around in that brilliant head.

  26. mastertugunegb says:

    Done right, with maybe campaign upgrades/experience tacked on and the ability to use ANY existing KoW model/unit that makes sense to have traipsing about below and it would. Love to see this grow into something at least on par in popularity as Heroquest and maybe Descent.

  27. jack says:

    agreed. would love to see this become a heavily supported mainstay in the industry and I believe mantic are just the ones to do it!

  28. jack says:

    any teency tiny chance of a hint or vague impression of when we could maybe possibly see the dhk4 kickstarter?……..

  29. Matt Price says:

    I know… I’ve been wondering, now that DBX is over, when would be an appropriate time to broach this very important topic! Too soon?

  30. jack says:

    does anyone here happen to have a backstage pass for beastsofwar? I was curious if anyone who has listened to the recent “mantic future plans ” could say if ronnie mentioned anything about dhk4.

  31. Geoffrey Briggs says:

    He mentioned it, but it’s only a few pounds to support the guy on BoW. Great future look at what Ronnie is thinking, plus all the other stuff that the guys for on. Well worth the money.

  32. jack says:

    so ronnie mentions about a $100 base buy in with the possibility of an expansion but he doesn’t seem like he really want’s to “push” it quite as hard as some of the bigger brands. I’m of the opinion that this would be a big brand if they just wanted it to be.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Personally, I think that whether it will be a big brand or not depends on you guys more than Mantic. They’ll do all the usual things they do with a KS campaign, and I’ll do my best to make it a cracking game. In the end of the day though, how popular it is rests with you guys – how much buzz there is, how many people jump on board. Mantic and I can only do so much.

      I’d love it to be a “big brand”. We’ll just have to wait and see how it goes. So far it’s looking pretty exciting :)

  33. Matt Price says:

    Did Ronnie mention a timeline for the kickstarter (i.e., would it start this year or later)? Did he give any more details?

    Though I really don’t have the feel for the industry like Ronnie does, I can’t imagine this wouldn’t be a terrific hit that works well in their Kings of War universe, adds new figures to the line, and starts up a robust “Warhammer Quest” sort of successor. I much prefer fantasy over Sci Fi, though judging by 40K’s success over WHFB, Sci Fi might be the better bet these days?

    I do hope we see DKH4 sometime soon-ish!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      This year at some point. I don’t know exactly. In fact, I’m not sure it’s been decided exactly when this will go live. Soon-ish sounds reasonable ;)

      SF always outsells Fantasy in a global sense, unless you are LOTR. A few regions do better with Warhammer than 40K, for example, and some individual fantasy games do well, but overall spend is weighted to SF.

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