FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are an opportunity for me, as designer, to address queries about my games.

I’ve taken it on myself to produce the FAQs because I think that it’s part of taking responsibility for the designs I make. However, note that I am not paid for this and they do take up a great deal of time. This means that I can’t guarantee sorting them out as quickly as we all might like. That’s the perils of doing things for free.

Note also that I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and so very few of the questions have actually been asked frequently. I include almost all the queries I get which cannot be answered simply by referring to the rules, and add things I’ve thought of too. Many of them are quite obscure. My intent is to try to cover any niggles, queries or other intriguing corners of the design so that you can get on and have fun playing it.

Currently available FAQs are:

3 Responses to FAQs

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  2. Leon says:

    Extreme questions.
    Pushing a player into a hex with ball and next to a trap, what triggers first? Same with moving into hex with ball and next to trap, pick up first or reveal trap?Also if ramming do you follow before or after trap explodes?

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