Any Final Thoughts?

I decided to keep myself out of the discussion today, to let you guys come up with comments unsteered by me. Just to see what happened. The result has been rather fewer comments than I’d expected, but some goodies. Thank you for those :)

As I know that many of you are in different timezones, I’m leaving a final collation of comments and updating the files I submit till first thing tomorrow morning, my time. Which means that you’ve got another 8 hours or so.

After that it’ll be in layout and though we may have the opportunity to change the odd number here or there, nothing’s guaranteed.

So, any final thoughts on these teams?

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Ada Lorana v3

I’ve tried a large number of slight variations on this theme, and I’ve ended up being quite brutal.

Ada-Lorana v3

The cost per player has gone up slightly, but the biggest difference is that solid Phasers are just like other players. The reason I made this drastic change is that I wanted them to actually use their special ability, and with all the bonuses they were getting when solid, there wasn’t any need. Once you start paring those bonuses back, it makes little sense to keep some and not others.

Is it too much? I’m not sure. It’ll certainly change how they play.

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Hacking v2

While I’m updating stuff…

I’ve removed Reputation as nobody seems to like it apart from me and Seb. Hacking is largely as it was, with the exception of a cost hike (as it no longer has a Reputation cost).

Hacking v2

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Mechanites v2

Here’s the really challenging one to sort out.

Mechanites v2

I’ve increased many of the points costs, and shuffled around a few of the abilities. That makes the nasty combos much more expensive. However, that’s probably not enough.

To balance out the flexibility somewhat, the team is not allowed to purchase CD: they simply don’t work well as a team in that way.

Finally, the limitations of small workshops mean that they can’t focus exclusively on the specialists (which take lots more time to develop and finesse). The contracts with the DGB require them to field teams rather than single cool players, so, they must take at least as many Jacks as they have Guards and Strikers. That change should also help in league play.

I’ve not included a minimum number of players as a requirement as several people suggested because I think this is more properly a global rule if it’s needed at all.

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Mutants v2

One of the more problematical and powerful teams.

As with the other teams, there have been lots of useful and interesting comments – thank you all. The following incorporates that feedback.

Edit: updated to v3 to clarify that doubled cost applies for all such purchases, not just those at team creation.

Plague v3

Some of the points have been changed slightly, a couple of options have changed. Mostly the tables remain as they were because this reflects the model range.

The biggest difference is in the overall team building rules. All models must have at least one mutation, and all models in a team must be different. Incidentally, this makes them a much more appropriate mutant team. The crowd wouldn’t stand for a bunch of mutants looking like the 29ers – they want their mutants weird and varied!

Yes, this does make them a bit more of a modelling challenge. Then again, they were never expected to be anything else.

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Crystallans v2

EarthDragon thought these were fine, while most others thought them a bit weak. I take ED’s point, and I agree that a thinky and skilled player will be able to do well with them as they stand. However, I think that most players will only adapt to them slowly, if at all, so I’ve made some small changes to make them easier to use.

Crystallans v2

The CD has become a card. That allows Coaches to try the familiar Jack approach. This, incidentally, now adds up properly too :)

I’ve changed Harmonics to give Speed bonuses before Strength. This was swapped to mitigate the problem of Speed 5 Guards being knocked over.

I’ve also changed Harmonics to work at range 3, not just 2. This means they don’t have to bunch up so much, and also helps with the fallen Guards.

Is this too much? Does harmonics need to go back to range 2? Give them a try and see what you think.

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Koris v2

These bad boys were too powerful by a large margin. Consequently, I’ve made numerous changes to both their stat line and abilities, as well as adding clarifications on all the questions raised. Lots of excellent points in the previous thread.

The aim here was to both tone them down a bit, and make them slightly more reliant on their portal ability to move around.

The portal rules have been simplified very slightly and brought a little more in line with the rest of the DB rules.

Koris v2

If you can get these chaps on the table over the next couple of days I’d love to hear what you find.

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