Playtesting Timescales & Comments

Firstly I’d like to thank all those who’ve posted comments already on these latest DB teams. Lots of interesting and useful stuff. I’ll catch up with them again tomorrow and reply to the latest ones.

In terms of timescale for this, Mantic want any changes to be done by the end of the month, so you’ve got till then to have your say. I may post up an interim version if there are any obvious changes needed.

As ever, all comments are welcome. Those based on in-game testing are generally more helpful than those based simply reading the stats – we’ve all seen units in games that don’t work as well or as poorly as they appear on paper. Even so, it’s all worth considering, as an initial appearance can sometimes damn a team: the wisdom of the internet and rumour in general can make heroes or villains of almost anything, regardless of pesky details like  facts.

And not just in gaming either.

But that’s for another blog :)

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The Ada Lorana

Another DreadBall team. As with many of these later teams, they have an unusual twist that provides a unique style of play.

Edit: I’ve removed the original file as it has been updated. Please post any further comments there. Thanks.

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Would You Like Teleportation With That?

And here’s the Koris team for DreadBall. Slippery lot.


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Another DreadBall team

As I said yesterday, I’ll be posting a team a day until we’ve got all 6 up. Today we have the Mechanites.


Have a play with the bot-building rules, and see what you can squeeze into a team.

As with all playtesting, comment based on reading is fine, but comment based on playing is far more valuable. The proof of the pudding is on the neodurium :)

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Sulentic Shards

The first of the new teams for you to have a look at is the Sulentic Shards: the Crystallan team.


I think that these guys are reasonably balanced as a team, though they are one of the tricker ones to use well. I don’t see that as a problem, in fact quite the reverse. I think that having a range of skill level requirements is desirable across a large range of teams (which we now have).

What do you think?

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New DreadBall Rules

Teams are on there way. You’ll get one a day (including later today) till we’ve got the last 6 up. However, before we do that, here is a new rule I’d like to hear your thoughts on.

Actually, it’s two interlinked rules: Hacking and Reputation.

Hacking and Reputation

The intention is to add another option and some more story telling and character to teams in a league. Reputation is unlikely to be a core concern for all, but for certain types of team it provides another appropriate string to their bow. As ever, it’s about providing characterful options.

For example, if a league has two teams which both have a Ranking of 140, they can be differentiated quite noticeably if one has a Reputation of 160 and the other has a Reputation of 6. Their histories will have been very different to get to that situation.


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Lots of stuff incoming…

Hi folks, and thanks for your patience. I know I’ve been very quiet of late, but that’s not for want of doing stuff. In fact, the amount of things I’ve been doing is why I’ve not been online. However, that’s all about to change.

Firstly, I’ve got some DS stuff to be talking about. Lots of snippets to discuss.

Secondly, I’ve got some DreadBall playtesting I’d like you to help with. These are a set of 6 teams for the season 5 and 6 books. I’ll be putting these up one-a-day for the next 6 days (first one later today when I get the pdf tidied up), and you’ve got till the end of the month to give us your feedback. Plenty of time to break some heads on the neodurium :)

Thirdly, I’ve got some reviews, interesting Kickstarters I’ve spotted, and numerous other gaming comments and thoughts to share.

Last, but definitely not least, I’ve been working on some projects of my own and would like to talk about those too.

So, from a famine of posts, you’re likely to be getting something of a feast :)

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