Other People’s Games

This page rounds up all the links to other pages on this blog and to external sites I think are particularly good for games I like, but didn’t design.

Games I return to repeatedly may end up with their own page, in which case all the sub-links will be on that.

***** This list is not complete and will take a little while to get sorted ******

If you know any really good sites that should be on this list, please shout up!

Individual Games

(last updated 8 Jan 2012)


Aeronautica Imperialis


Confrontation 3.5


Dystopian Wars

Epic 40K (Space Marine)




Nuclear War

Smog – The Thirteenth Hour

Struggle of Empires

Svea Rike

Urban War


9 Responses to Other People’s Games

  1. Mike says:

    Dear Quirkworthy,
    I wonder if you could help me by recommending a good board game that I can enjoy with both my brother and girlfriend?

    I’m looking for a decent board game to play during holidays and the odd weekend. My brother, like me, is keen on the likes of Warhammer, Blood Bowl and Necromunda. Whilst my girlfriend, bless her tiny toes, is more a fan of Game of Life and Monopoly. She is a devil at Monopoly I can tell you!

    Is there anything out there that can blend fantasy/sci-fi and at least some strategic depth with simple easy to learn rules? I’m constantly browsing the Fantasy Flight games website which has countless superb looking board games. I just fear the rules for many of the games on offer may take time to learn, even for an experienced gamer like myself. Is there anything you could recommend Quirkworthy? I’m not looking at Fantasy Flight Games in particular but just using them as an example as what they produce always looks superb. I’m open to any game from any games company that you can recommend Quirkworthy.

  2. Dear Jake,

    I see you are quite found of Dystopian Wars. I am the French translator in charge for the translation of Dystopian Wars, just as I have been for the DKH series.
    This translation, commissionned by one of the French distributors of Mantic products, France Miniatures Distribution, has not been published yet; we are still waiting for some elements from Mantic management.
    So, I was thinking that, maybe, you could lend us a hand on this…
    Thanks, and keep up the good job!

  3. Richard says:

    Dear Jake,

    I was wondering if you are into historical wargaming at all. I would be very interested in hearing your thoughts on Focused Firepower. It is a World War II wargame, free to download, that uses 1/72 scale models.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I started with WWII gaming and have played all manner of historical games. Even wrote a couple. I’ve not heard of FF though. I’ll have a look when I get a moment ;P

  4. Broche Traduction says:

    Thanks a lot, Jake, that’s really kind of you, and what I call good news.
    I’ll keep you informed about this project.


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