For a while now I’ve been writing a regular column (among other things) for Ravage magazine called Quirkworthy’s Ramblings. I write the original in English, some clever folks turn it into comprehensible French, and it is then published for the erudition and/or dismay of the masses. Since then the US version has come out and they’ve reprinted a few of these articles. Even so, I thought that it might be worth putting them up here as it seemed a shame to have them languish in the archives. In addition, by posting them here we have the chance to discuss them in a way that is impossible with printed works. As I’ve said many times, I do enjoy our conversations and I learn a lot from them too.

I’ll not be putting up the current ramble as I would encourage you to go and get the magazine yourself. It’s got loads of fun gaming stuff in every issue with an entertainingly broad take on the hobby. However, Leo (Editor in Chief) very kindly said it was OK for me to put up old ones, so I’ll post them gradually and link them below.

Anyway, here they are in their original form, before the babelfish got hold of them 😉

Quirkworthy’s Ramblings

  1. A Golden Age
  2. New and Shiny
  3. Oh Dear
  4. It’s All Mine!
  5. A Primitive Cult

1 Response to Ravage

  1. c12 says:

    A very good thing for our French gaming community (sounds very sententious for a bunch of geek frog eaters, doesn’t it ? 😉 ) to hear from you in one of the last remaining paper magazine.
    I really enjoy and I’m obviously not the only one.

    Thanks and keep up!

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