Lego Dungeons

I was recently discussing different types of games and the Lego dungeon game Heroica came up. So, being something of a game junky (and just finishing DKH3) I thought that would be an amusing change of pace to have a look at. Add another oddment to the pile to review đŸ™‚

I hadn’t really been aware of these Lego games as “proper” games, but I see that at least one is designed by Reiner, so I started to take them a bit more seriously. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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27 Responses to Lego Dungeons

  1. Sami Mahmoud says:

    Lego? Dungeon Bash? Lego Dungeon Bash???! *fangirl scream*

    No seriously, I had the entire set of Lego castle kits at one point in time, I hope this turns out to be vaguely playable even if it’s very much a beer and pizza game looking at the age range (seriously, who actually eats pretzels when they’re playing?).

  2. Inkub says:

    I’ve played few of these games already, including this one. Farily nice for such a simple game. Certainly better for young kids then old zombies like myself, still I’ve enjoyed it. I like Minotaur game too.

  3. Andrew says:

    I played one of these games (the Goblin King) at GenCon. It was more of a free play setting than a formal demo, so we were picking up the rules as we went along, but we still had a good time. I think it was meant to be competitive, but the random nature of the dice rolls (and the fact most of my rolls were 2 or lower) made it a little too random for that.

    I do love that they all interconnect, and you can build your character up over the adventures. These will be a nice gateway game for the next generation of gamers.

  4. RobYeah says:

    I have the Lego: Hogwarts game. It is probably one of the most vicious games in my collection! Constant “screw your neighbour” and “take that” in effect!

    The Heroica games look ace.

  5. Scott Morris says:

    We have all the Lego Heroica games and my 6 year old and I play them a lot. They are very fun, and remind me of a trimmed down version of Hero Quest with Legos. The open-ness of being able to create your own rules with what you have is pretty good too. We have incorporated “quests” into ours that we both come up with. Enjoyable for sure.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      One of the bits that looks (on initial skim) to be just right for the target age is its openness. Lego is all about creativity and allowing everyone to take part and invent, and having an open enough game system to carry this philosophy over into the game would be just right.

  6. imaginarywars says:

    I think the first wave of games were a bit of a disappointment in that LEGO is a smart toy product, run by a smart company that put out ….very average games (at least at first). I was struck by how the games were really more like “introductions to gaming” than they were games that were simple to learn but increasingly engaging.
    Good to hear that the newer games are good–and kind of impressive (not to mention appropriate) to see Reiner Knizia’s involvement!

  7. pancake says:

    We have lego games, they are great fun and even pearl joins in. Most of the games your trying to complete the game, and mess your fellow players rigjt up.

  8. I`ve done it and ordered three boxes (only the cave box I have to order later). As much as I like Descent, sometimes you need a really short dungeon slasher and this fits the bill perfectly.

  9. Sam Dale says:

    The figs seem to lack in arms. Is that right? I’m liking the idea, but I want my little lego dungeon explorer to be weilding weapons…

  10. Note to myself: Never play your first three games against your wife!

    I lost all three games…

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