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World-Building: Mind the Gap

There is a Gap between what you know about the world you build, and what your audience knows about it. You know this already. After all, it’s obvious. What may be less obvious is why this Gap is so important, … Continue reading

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Game Design: How To Avoid Distracti… oh Look, Kittens!

It’s very easy to get distracted. Happens to me all the time. Distractions aren’t necessarily a Bad Thing. I think they’re a sign of an active and curious mind, and that’s a Good Thing. I definitely don’t want to stomp … Continue reading

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World-Building: The Story Harvest

This is the idea of going through the closest real-world analogue(s) to the world you are building and collecting as many cool images, quotes, events, anecdotes, sayings, and stories as you can find. Focus on details that make the people … Continue reading

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Illustration: The First Step is…

Practising every day. That’s the underpinning habit that will make any skill better. Art seems to be particularly obviously benefitted by regular practice as it is a visual medium. I suppose that music works a similar way as it’s very … Continue reading

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Game Design: The Usual Confusion

Game design, like every other creative process, starts with endless possibilities. As you go through the various stages, your once infinite options narrow, and the vague initial spark coalesces into a fixed and final form. There are things to like … Continue reading

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World-Building: Size Isn’t Anything

Other than bigger worlds needing more work, size alone should not be a concern for world-builders. A world can be as small or as large as you like. The only really important thing about size is that it is the … Continue reading

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Plans Not Surviving Contact With Reality

A small hiccup yesterday, with Real Life getting in the way of what I needed to do here. All under control now. At least, as much under control as it can be. So no panic. Apologies to anyone who might … Continue reading

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