Things You Should Read: Number 1

In no particular order, I thought I’d do a post or two on sites that I find intriguing, amusing, and make me think. First up is an occasional blog from a veteran of the gaming hobby: Tom Meier.

Tom’s a sculptor of insane talent as well as having something of a dry wit. The blog is as worth reading for the humour as the discussions on model scale, details of Theoland and Noraland, and insights into why models get sculpted as they do. He also includes many pictures of current projects, and the images below are what have made me particularly attentive over the years it’s taken for this project to bear fruit.

WWII goodness, Tom style 🙂

The pictures speak for themselves really. The models aren’t out yet though I’m told that they’re getting close now and the prices I’ve heard sound fair (though he asked me not to tell). They’re being made for Fox Miniatures in 1:48th (35mm) scale and they look gorgeous. Do want.

Plastic model kits for WWII look great for vehicles in 1:48th, but the infantry lacks that certain something. Mainly the available options are just rescalings of Tamiya’s rather dated 1:35th stuff, and that’s probably it in a nutshell. These look like they’ll do very nicely, thank you 🙂

Oh, and detail? The mind boggles. The coin shown below is a US cent. Remember that these are all 35mm models.

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7 Responses to Things You Should Read: Number 1

  1. pancake says:

    Now thats nice cammo, i love the ww2 german cammo colours oak leaf and pea dot.

  2. Thalenchar says:

    If you’d had told me those were 54 mm I’d have instantly believed you… That is awesome, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Had a flick through and some of these are simply brilliant. A really talented individual… the sod!!! 🙂

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