DreadBall Sites and News

Just thought I’d mention a few things in case you’d not noticed. 

DreadBall.com is now up with some more cool background bits. Think of it as Sports Illustrated for DB 🙂

The Kickstarter has added a load of cool variant boards and suchlike. I saw the prototypes of these and they looked very swish. I’m trying to get one so I can take lots of pictures and show you exactly what it’s like. Ditto for the other bits and bobs. It’s also got some concepts on that I’d not seen before either – things are going at such a pace. 

There are also DB posts on Frontlinegamer and JP’s War & Peace blog. 

If anyone has any more cool links of DB stuff they’d like to share please comment below.


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4 Responses to DreadBall Sites and News

  1. Minitrol says:

    Thanks for the steady stream of updates Jake – its all making a compelling argument to somehow convince she who must be obeyed that “no dear, I’ve always had a Dreadball box kicking around, yes it it is time I got to painting it”

  2. Lionel d'Lion says:

    I do think a special prize should go to whoever thought white links on a pale grey background was a good idea (Fanzone page of DreadBall.com).

    On second thoughts, “prize” may not be the word I was looking for.

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