Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

Morning all!

I have, by now, lost track of which bits of DB background and lore I’ve told to which forums, but just in case he’s left any juicy new bits in I thought I’d point you at the newMeeples & Miniatures podcast.

Episodes 93 and 94 are really one big piece about DreadBall. 93 is an interview with me, and in 94 he talks to Chris Palmer from Mantic. I haven’t listened to them myself yet, but I was sort of there at the time 😉

I just hope he edited out the embarrassing bits…

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4 Responses to Meeples & Miniatures Podcast

  1. killaminis says:

    Love Neil’s show, been a listener for years and I’m happy to see his support on this one.

  2. I really enjoyed the interview, particularly knowing more about your background, approach to game design, and the things you did specifically to ensure this is a different game to Blood Bowl. Thanks for the extra info both in the interview, at BGG and most particularly here. cheers, Paul

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