Change Of Date

GoB_LOGO on white webThe first saturday of the month is almost upon us again, and normally that would mean a God of Battles day over at Foundry. However, on the 2nd of November the Foundry crew are all over in Antwerp at the Crisis event and so won’t be on hand to open the store. That means no event.

Having discussed the alternative options with them, I’ve decided that the simplest thing it so just skip a month and reconvene on the 7th of December – the first saturday of that month.

GOD_OF_BATTLESApologies to anyone who is missing their fix of GoB. You’ll just have to fight amongst yourselves! As I’m feeling bold, I’m having a game today against the winner of the tournament we had the other day. Let’s see how the Orcs fare 😉

Anyway, when we do get back together on the 7th of December I’ll run something a bit more involving than a normal battle for anyone that cares to join in. It seems to be jinxing the event at the moment, but let’s see if it’s third time lucky for a campaign day.

See you there.


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11 Responses to Change Of Date

  1. Ben says:

    This likely means either the Mantic open day or the GoB campaign. Hmmm….

    • Quirkworthy says:

      We could do. If T3 is just tournaments then there’s not another one planned by me so I might wait till there is. Campaign days and the normal meets are much more relaxed (not that the tourney was anything else).

  2. Sam Dale says:

    I’m going to check in with Foundry tomorrow about what they’ve got on, but if they’re not booked for something busy on the 9th Nov, I’m up for playing a game or two, if there’s any takers.

  3. Ben says:

    I think they’ve got blogcon on that weekend.

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