Inner Secrets Of DreadBall

People often tell me that they like hearing about the process behind the games, so as I’m freshly returned from a long meeting about the details of DreadBall’s next big thing (after the Annual), I thought I’d share the summary.

As Mr Renton himself put it:

“DreadBall Xtreme is like fishing in Cornwall.”

So now you know 🙂

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11 Responses to Inner Secrets Of DreadBall

  1. cantgohomeagain says:

    All of the people in the US nod, smile, and have absolutely no idea what this means….

  2. Chris says:

    I have been fishing off Cornwall.

    When do you think – or even will you – Dreadball will move to a consolidated ‘living’ rule book? That is when would you think the first rules review would come (a year after season three, 2 years?) and do you think it would result in one consolidated rulebook?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      The digital rules which are due out early next year will incorporate errata and such. The early version which they were showing to folk at the Open Day looked very nice.

      In terms of print versions, I suspect that we’ll be waiting for a while.

      As far as a rules review is concerned, that’s ongoing. Currently we’re moving at such a pace that many people haven’t really fully digested the first lot of teams, never mind the third.

  3. Matt Price says:

    What’s a cornwall?

    (says a rube from the US)

  4. Dan says:

    What’s in a DreadBall annual?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      A set of background and rules (and cards and MVP) for a variant league, among other things. The rules will apply for that year.

      • sho3box says:

        You mentioned the annual at one of the Open Day seminars, it sounds like a lot of fun. I ran a number of DB events in 2013 and the idea of thematically date-stamping next years equivalents is a great idea.

        Will an individual annual deck be required for each game or will the deck in the Annual consist of cards to be added to the existing DreadBall deck I wonder?

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