DB FAQ Format Change

I’ve been fiddling with the DB FAQ and have changed it to a pdf as I think this is more convenient. The Q&A themselves are not different enough yet to  worry about. I’ll let you know when that happens. Still working on an updated version offline 🙂

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2 Responses to DB FAQ Format Change

  1. Bill S says:

    Couple of questions came up today and we are wondering how to play them out correctly…
    1) if a team that starts with no cards wants to use an action can they buy a card? If not, in a one day tourney does the team need to spend points to add cards before they can buy them using them upgrade options?
    2) if you buy a card and it is an event must you play it right then? Or can you hold onto it and use it when it can aid you! Example, I have the ball, I have 2 actions but Im sitting on the 4 point scoring hex. I spend an action card to get a card and its Ball Shatters! Do I then lose the ball or can I hold onto it until my opponent is ready to score?
    3) does a player who is knocked down in the launch area of the ball (after a score laying down in a DB hex) get hit or are they safe?
    4) is there any errata on the Quick Change rule? Seems odd that I have to use an action to change with no real advantage with rolling doubles, only have 6 guys, and then limiting up to 4 having to use the ability with no advantage…just wondering the idea behind that? If you are so inclined…

    • Rob Taylor says:

      1. Simply put you can only buy cards if you have them in your hand at the start of the game. This means that there are some teams, like the Void Sirens, who will be unable to purchase cards during the game.

      2. If the card it revealed to all then it immediately comes into play, if you purchase the card to you hand it does not and you can choose when to play it.

      3. Only if the ball hits that hex otherwise it passes over them.

      4. At the moment there is no errata to Quick Change.

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