Podcasts, Interviews And More To Come

With the DBX KS live, people suddenly want to talk to me. So much so that I’m nattering on about DBX on the latest Mantic podcast, did a live bilingual interview with the Spanish chaps from Forya Y Desvan last night (recorded for your amusement in a mix of English and Spanish) and am finishing off a written interview for Starburst magazine today. When that’s done I’ve got another slot on Meeples & Miniatures to talk DreadBall Xtreme with Neil, and there are more folk waiting in the wings.


So if you feel like a fix of DBX and have a spare moment, there’s plenty of discussion to choose from 🙂


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1 Response to Podcasts, Interviews And More To Come

  1. Richard says:

    Amazing that live with Forja y Desván TV (spanish chaps). So nice to see the developers talking to the

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