Updated DBX Beta Rules

I’ve gone through the feedback on the DBX questions page and incorporated it into the digital download rather than list a separate FAQ. A version 2 is live now if you want to check it out.

If you have any  questions then please comment on this link so I can keep them all together.


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18 Responses to Updated DBX Beta Rules

  1. Jesse De Vaan says:

    Well I’m glad you went for a more basic Stat Layout, also you will be able to use any model/race/player in any team, right? (eg. 3 Asterian Strikers, 2 Convict Guards, 2 Mutants)

    • Jesse De Vaan says:

      Also, weren’t Asterian’s Speed 3+ in DBO?

      • crimsonsun says:

        But they are not real Asterians….

        • Jesse De Vaan says:

          I don’t see anything that says that… am I missing something?

        • crimsonsun says:

          Pay attention to the last two sentences.

          As a group, the Kalyshi vary much more than the Asterian mainstream, and their ways can seem brutal to outsiders. Theirs is a martial culture, with members of all three genders learning to fight as soon as they can walk. Now, representatives from several of their clans have begun to make themselves known on the illicit DreadBall circuit, seeing it as a fitting challenge for their greatest warriors. It is not clear whether they know of the so-called Asterian teams that have been sanctioned by the DGB, but it is unlikely that they do not. Many have speculated that one of their motivations for entering the arena is to warn the Corporations that they are aware of the sham they are perpetrating, and that their mockery will not go unpunished.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        Asterians are a varied people, and even if both teams are real Asterians (which they may not be) there is no reason they all have to be the same. Remember that the DreadBall arena is full of the pinnacle of athletes whereas this is the criminal dregs fighting it out in disused warehouses.

        • Jesse De Vaan says:

          Ok thanks (I still thinks its odd but ok), and my first question?

        • mastertugunegb says:

          I actually rather like this. After all, if largely ignorant space aliens were sent to Earth with to gather one human each to take back and study, without seeing more than that one human, including those collected by others of their kind, they could easily come back with what each thought was ‘a typical human’, despite each subject having all manner of differences. ‘A human is a giant, tall and lean, and great at basketball.’ ‘a human is small, shriveled and weak, with poor senses and an odd smell.’ ‘No. A human is a warrior race, armed to the teeth and violent beyond words.’ ‘Humans are studious, wise and smartly attired.’

          So why wouldn’t you have different statted members of the same race? It works for real life humans, even in the same sub-categories, and sure as heck works for The Nameless… Regular Asterians could be the hi tech gear using Nerds to the Kalyshi Pirates get stuck in and do it yourself Jocks. Wouldn’t surprise me if the Asterian Teams’ Smart Suits enhanced their agility for them rather than it being (completely?) natural, while the Kalyshi (if they are indeed even related at all) have focused on honing their physicality so as to not completely rely on “gimmicks”.

          Look at how the Brokkr fluff appears to be evolving for the Forge Fathers? A sort of partly break-away sub-society that nonetheless still believes it has a place in the Forge Stars’ overall picture.

        • Quirkworthy says:

          @Jesse – broadly speaking, yes. I’ll get into the details of team building shortly.

      • AndreRow87 says:

        In my opinion, for now convict and asterian team are quite unbalanced:
        Convict’s enforcers are the best guard ever seen in this game: Mov 5, Strength 3+, Speed 4+, armour 4+, Threating ability and Starting players x2. Other players (jack and striker) do their job. Yndij Reaver is very good as striker.
        Asterian’s players with Strength 5+ and Speed 4+ are too much fragile. Jacks, in slam actions, have very low potential (backstab is very nice but insufficient). Only one starting guard (with Mov 4) completes the team’s composition. So the problem is the Asterian team.

        Convict team is ok. In Dreadball, players with Strength 3+ have Speed 5+ but in Dreadball Xtreme Speed 5+ is very dangerous so Enforcer’s Speed 4+ is right. What do you think about this, Jake?
        Yndij Reaver is in the starting team roster? So 8 starting player?

        Explosive Collar is very nice but a 4 dice Slam test from a Strength 4+ player doesn’t pay me about my dead player. A 4 dice Slam test with Strength 3+ is better, in my opinion.

        Asterian team

        Drone [Where is the miniature?] (Guard) x1 is ok or we can suppose: Mov 4, Strength 4+, Speed 5+, Skill 5+, Amour 3+. Grizzled, Can’t Fell a Thing and Steady (it’s a Tank). But one only guard with Speed 5+ is maybe too fragile. It needs playtest.
        Asterian Pirate (Jack) x4: Mov 6, Strength 4+, Speed 4+, Skill 4+, Armour 5+. Backstab.
        Asterian Pirate (Striker) x3: Mov 6, Strength 5+, Speed 3+, Skill 4+, Amour 6+. None.

        Starting Assets: 1x Dice, 2x Special Move Card, 2x Nasty Surprise Cards, Cash 3mc

        Total starting players: 8.

        Game design, miniature design, set and the other rules are very good, I appreciate your work. Good job! 🙂

  2. MM says:

    where the rules explains how the ball bounces the trajectory from B to the wall (green arrow) seems to be the same of the one of from D to the wall
    Why the result changes? Why the arrow from the wall to C is like that?

  3. mastertugunegb says:

    Jake explained this a while back as it’s the same mechanic for every other Dreadball Game Arena. The walls of the standard Dreadball Arena are mostly rounded. A’s trajectory, and D’s trajectory are the ONLY parts of the standard Dreadball Arena that the ball can hit it and rebound straight back on the full. So there are only THREE places in each half of the pitch where the ball can bounce straight back. Straight up the center, or the left and right corner. Anything else will ricochet off the wall at an angle, and it won’t follow the wall as while it appears to be one of three hex sides to us on the pitch, it is actually a flat continuous wall upon which the ball rebounds off of.

    So apart from those SIX places (THREE in each half of the pitch, remember?), all other instances where the dreadball bounces off a wall will rebound at an angle. Looking at the hex faces the ball could have struck the wall, it can’t hit the side that would make it go straight back, so that hex side is ruled out. It can’t hit the hex sides that would make it run parallel to the wall in either direction either, so that’s those three hex sides ruled out. This leaves the only hex side left that it could go, as demonstrated by the blue arrow. As this is now the only avenue left for any further movement the ball’s scatter distance has left.

  4. The Enforcer says:

    Hi Jake! Just a simple petition: Can you post somewhere the previous hex stat image for teams? I liked it a lot, but I overridden the previos pdf file by error and I can’t get that image icon.
    Thanks a lot! 🙂

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