Stomp Rules In DreadBall Xtreme

I thought it might be worth mentioning that the rules for Stomp have not gone away, they’ve just moved.

In DreadBall it is a foul to jump up and down on someone who is on the floor. In Xtreme is isn’t. The only reason the rule was separated from the main Slam rules in DB was this illegality, so what I’ve done in DBX is simply roll it back into the main Slam rules and kept it all in one place. 

The only rules change to Stomp is that you are now allowed to have a run up at it. In normal DreadBall this requires a specific ability. However, the only reason it is not normally allowed is that running at prone players makes the foul too obvious – so people don’t do it. The ability demonstrates the player learning how to make it look like something else. Misdirection, if you will. Physically it’s easy enough. 

Now this could have been done in other ways in DB. For example, it could have been allowed with a modifier to the Foul roll. However, in this and most other aspects of DB I have gone for the option that reduced the list of modifiers and number of things to remember in-game. Long lists of modifiers are one thing that always slows down rules, and many of the DB design decisions were made to make it play faster. 

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6 Responses to Stomp Rules In DreadBall Xtreme

  1. Doug says:

    I often wondered about the separation for this. It made it fuzzy on how you actually declared the action you were undertaking when your opponent must call foul. If you have to say ‘ I am performing a stomp’ then it’s pretty obvious that you’re fouling because stomps are fouls.

    If you’d just had to declare that you’re slamming, then your opponent would have to notice that it’s a slam that’s also a foul.

    Unless you don’t have to declare what action you’re performing when you do one – but that allows people to change what they were going to do after declaring they were doing it…

  2. Craig Johnson says:

    Hi jake ive chucked this idea on the kickstarter page but thought that hey you are guy writing the rules, xtreme just seems like the place dor performance enhancing drugs and like the plagues mutations indeadzone these are not always good. How does this look

    spooney85 4 minutes ago@mantic the drugs could be a d6 roll 
    1- bad batch- all dice rolls are at 1 less d6 
    2-You milked a teraton??- gain +1 strength but lose -1 speed (result or dice) 
    3- Painkillers!- gain an extra armour dice 
    4- Everything is in slow motion- This model can do two action but it only counts as one, every time he is activated a d6 is rolled on a 1 he dies instantly as his heart explodes 
    5-Rage- every point of movement will cause a slam if a player is next to him, regardless of team but given the choice the player will slam the opposition, player can never choose to dodge and ignores the ball 
    6- Boosted!- +1 to all stats

    Notice that all of a sudden strikers can/have to slam but can no longer touch the ball so they effectively become guards meaning you dont have to open that can of worms

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Performance enhancing drugs is on my extended list of things for the Nasty Surprise deck (or possibly an item for the expansion). The thing I wanted to avoid was having to track ongoing effects, so I’ve left it out of the deck for now. I do rather like the idea of Teraton milk though…


      • Craig Johnson says:

        I never said this was from a female teraton…..oo er! Agreed with thetracking idea, pity as thats my first ever dabble of some game rules but agrred that sometimes we forget which player has got the ego is landed let alone whos been smoking Quik-Quik and whos been taking Teraton juice

        • Quirkworthy says:

          The idea’s not bad, it’s just how to implement it slickly that’s the challenge. I’ve tried to avoid this sort of tracking in DBX as I know that many people don’t like it. It does, in some ways, belong to a different style of game.

          Anyway, I’m sure I’ll come up with something 🙂

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