DBX Details: What Are Sponsors Like?

Scientist sml

Sponsors are individuals and no two are exactly alike. However, there are certain common traits which characterise them as a group.

Sponsors are criminals. Because the game is illegal it has been largely taken over by career criminals who use it to make money, alongside all the traditional illegal money-making methods like ruthvin smuggling and organ-legging. The few that start out as something other than career criminals don’t last very long unless they adapt. Don’t let their innocent appearance fool you: that’s just to bamboozle the cops. 

Sponsors have connections. They arrange the Xtreme games and the teams that play in them. They know where the best venues are and how to find the sort of desperate and dubious characters they need as players. Equally importantly, they know what the police are up to, which ones can be bribed, which threatened, and which need bumping off.

Sponsor Vampire_color smlSponsors are rich. They can afford to pay for players to take part in the games, plus organise the venues, security, betting, etc. They can also afford the bribes and assassinations that keep the law off their backs while the game is on. Sponsors are often inordinately fond of money and causing them to lose some is a painful shortcut to a recycling station.

Sponsors are dangerous. Being criminals makes them more than a little paranoid, especially as they are the main targets of the police and DGB investigations. The forces of law and order know that they are the key to the illegal game. If they can be stopped then so can the bulk of the game. This means that they are careful to make themselves difficult to link directly to the major crimes, and that people who have evidence against them disappear.

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6 Responses to DBX Details: What Are Sponsors Like?

  1. brence84 says:

    There is such a wealth of characters that can fit the role! Curious to see what they bring to the pitch apart from the discounts on trait X or Y.

  2. brence84 says:

    *runs into the first casino he finds*

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