Martians Everywhere

MA saucer invasion

If you were wondering where I’d got to the last few days, have no fear. The invasion has been contained. While you were getting all frenzied over on Kickstarter with DreadBall Xtreme, I was ducking and dodging among the ruins of Greenville, fighting off the Martian hordes.

Saturday saw us playtesting the second and third books for Mars Attacks, and the days before that were full of preparations: stat balancing and scenario checking and so on. Now I’m tidying up all the wreckage from the battles so it can sit neatly in the books and boxes of the range for when you guys start seeing saucers on the horizon. And what a lot of saucers! One of the scenarios has 4 of them, which is a bit scary. Not as bad as the 3 stompy robots that I keep trying to sneak into the last battle, but worrying enough.

Robot throwing carThanks are due to the brave folks who made it to the saturday games. Always good to hear new viewpoints. Given that almost none of the proper models are available yet I didn’t bother taking pictures. Mind you, the very large Cthulhu standing in for one of the robots was fun. I wonder if there’s room for a new faction…


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23 Responses to Martians Everywhere

  1. Jim Hale says:

    “A saucer over Innsmouth”? … could be some mileage there. 😀

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I have to confess that I hadn’t thought about it till I saw Cthulhu towering over the ruins and stomping on folk. Hmmm….

      • Jim Hale says:

        Well there were some folk asking for ‘more tentacles’ in MA during the KS… Thankfully nobody listened to them. 😀

      • Teskal says:

        I want Tunga Kong on the side of the Humans. Tunga becoming Tunga Kong with the Bug Potion like David Banner into Hulk.
        I hope I will get soon my Silverback Gorilla figure from Safari (Item #111589). It is a 1:10 Figure (15 x 16 cm) walking on all four limbs. After we get the released rules, I want to make rules and scenarios for him. 🙂

  2. mattadlard says:

    Have to ask “Thanks are due to the brave folks who made it to the saturday games. Always good to hear new viewpoints”

    New gaming venue????

  3. Vinsssounet says:

    Sorry to disturb that comment section with an unrelated question but I didn’t found a proper place to ask =)

    I was looking for the change of rules for Deadzone that were published on Quickworthy. Is there a way to go through your “Deadzone” posts using tags or something ?

  4. Always liked the aesthetic of the Mars Attacks stuff. Those Marsians are really evil little critters…I’ll be interested how the miniatures come out.

  5. Anthony says:

    So anything you can reveal for inquiring minds?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Saucers and robots are fun, giant mutant bugs are rather hard, Stealth Martians are a bit strange cos they have no armour, Science Division are worrying cos they have lots, the Humans have silly numbers of heroes.

      • Anthony says:

        What do you mean that bugs are “hard”? And do Stealth Martians rely on a special ability or stat to tip away from armor?

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Hard = tough, resilient, able to take lots of damage before they go down.

          Stealth Martians have an ability to make them Stealthy. I did give them armour to start with, but they don’t wear it in the background, so off it came (ooer missus).

        • Anthony says:

          Ahhh. That makes sense. I just woke up (nearly fell asleep on my laptop) and my brain wasn’t (and isn’t) firing on all cylinders. How does the average Human Trooper stand up in the game when you have these larger (and deadlier) Martian weapons floating around?

        • Quirkworthy says:

          The Humans have always relied primarily on their heroes to get anything done. That hasn’t changed.

        • Anthony says:

          That’s good to hear. How’s the diversity among the human heroes? It feels at least from their descriptors that there’s going to be a bit of overlap beause there’s so many of them. Or are they going to be put into “groups”? Like one set of heroes excel and command and control, another for single target killing, others for wide area destruction?

          How do the human flatbeds stand up to the Martian beatings? Just curious about their viability to transport units to and from a place without having my guys have their pants blown off them.

  6. Teskal says:

    I would be interested to see how many martians and humans you are using during the test games, I would really like to know if I got the correct amount of minis…

    • Quirkworthy says:

      It varies a lot between scenarios. With a few exceptions, I’ve tried to limit myself to using one of each squad/vehicle so that the majority of people can play them with the one-click KS bundles. However, there are a few exceptions, such as the one with 4 saucers in…

      Of course, these scenarios aren’t the only way to play. The multi-mat and points games are where having a wide selection (and multiples) of models really comes into its own.

  7. looking forward getting the game. this is the closest to x-com on a tabletop. more so than DZ. still will get into DZ tho. 🙂

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