Not Long Now…

extreme-logo-preliminary-3-isolatedWow, that went fast! There’s only three and a bit days left on the Dreadball Xtreme Kickstarter, so if you were trying to decide whether to jump in or not you need to think fast!

I’ve been busy writing Mars Attacks expansions and so I haven’t been keeping up with all the DBX developments. However, I’m hoping to get a final Beta version done that incorporates the last of the questions on the FAQ. I also wanted to talk a bit more about the team building and sponsors. I did write something for the Mantic blog, but that was only brief. If you read that then you should know the basic bones of the process, however I do like to talk about the whys as well, as regular readers will know 😉

Are there any other aspects of the game that people are wondering about before they decide?

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11 Responses to Not Long Now…

  1. Jack Trowell says:

    Will the multiplayer rules includes options for allied teams or other options to prevent situations like the king-of-the-hill/battle royale situation where just *looking* to be leading/dangerous/skilled can get all others teams to ally against you.

    I don’t have problem with with some ways to hurt the leading team, but what I fear is that I will have the feeling of player 1 against 2 or 1 against 3 is I even play dreadball multiplayer. (note : I didn’t read the exact multiplayer rules from vanilla Dreadball and it’s the only season book that I didn’t get mainly for this reason)

  2. Luke says:

    I’m definitely interested in reading more a bout team building, the advertised ability to mix and match is what drew me towards xtreme in the first place.

  3. Jon Finn says:

    Are teams in league play essentially disposable? Are teams bought from scratch every match?
    Do sponsors bid for MVPs each match, as in ODB, or are they bought off the peg? Are MVPs categorised like normal players, and so cheaper for some sponsors than others?

  4. Xynok says:

    For me it’s about the team building. I’m having a hard time seeing the relationship between sponsors and teams with 6/7 sponsors and potentially 12 teams (24 really including DBO ones). Are you designing template teams for one-off or easy access to a league team?
    Do you buy a player for one game at a time? So your roster effectively clears after each match/round.
    What sort of upgrades do sponsors get? Better circles/favours (I believe that’s the technical term), coaching dice/cards of course and that’s about it? The Shojuun and Ardia have me completely lost, I have at least a vague understanding of the rest.
    Are players going to have limits on them aside from the cost? For example Crystallans playing with Brokkr/, Asterians and Koris.
    Are MVPs still going to follow the normal auction method?
    So to summarise, I’d just like some details on the team-building. It seems like such a radical change from DBO so getting a deeper understanding of that would be helpful to me.

  5. Jon Finn says:

    Any chance of letting Keepers Dunk?
    At the moment, Keepers seem a bit of a liability to me because of the risks of ending your Rush and if they ever do get the ball they can only stall with it or Punt and hope.

  6. I also would be interested in the concept of team building, hoping that you can build a mixed team race with the only difficulty of costs (no limitations).
    Additionally, I think it would be interested in seeing some player progression or at least the option that the sponsor develops a skill to recruit/scout talented players and perhaps another skill to convince some players to play the next match with his team (for an additional cost). Maybe the talented players could be some players, where you have to roll on a table to see what skills he has (the sponsor has some level of scouting (he sees that “the lad is talented”) but cannot determine his exact skills).
    I would also like to see some rules, where you can create your own sponsor, not always being dependent on Blaine and others.

    • mastertugunegb says:

      Custom Sponsors could be a good move, be a shame not to be able to upgrade someone over a campaign… Assuming hints that Players don’t Rank Up are true in regard to DBX.

  7. Al says:

    I had the idea to use some MVPS as Captains, you bought one of them as part of your roster and they start with level 4 or 5 (depends witch one) so they can win experience, also is not excluded from the auctions but the one you can’t purchase the one you used as captain (so you can’t have two copies of the same mvp. We limited to the racial mvps and used it to give some flavor to some teams

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