For Your DreadBall Convenience

DB ref cardsJust so you know, this chap has come up with some sets of reference cards for DB. I haven’t got any myself yet, so I can’t comment more than to say that they’re available.

If you’ve got some I’d like to know what you think of them. Useful? Essential? Frivolous?

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14 Responses to For Your DreadBall Convenience

  1. Rob Kanci says:

    Not for me I just add the stats to the team roster. However If he’s charging for them I hope mantic are getting a fair cut tbh.

    • sideofiron says:

      The gentleman involved has been in discussions with mantic and the cards are sanctioned. I’ll be ordering a full set and more looking forward to DBX versions.

      To be fair… With the delay in Mantic are demonstrating in replying to queries on the KS, their Forum and via their own email contact, they should just be thankful that die-hard fans are still making such an effort in supporting the product.

      As it stands, the guy who set up the data collection for determining win rates for various teams is not collecting data anymore because despite clear balance issues, there has been no adjustment and he his group have moved on to other gaming systems.

  2. Daniel Owen says:

    I wouldnt use them for the basic teams, as, when i play, it’s either a league, or a game where we give ourselves X mc, to modify the team, meaning that stats could change, or abilities could be added for certain models, meaning it would probably just be simpler to write the whole team out on a normal roster sheet anyway.

    However, for the MVP’s, seeing as their stats never change, and they are only ever on your roster for one game (unless you hire them repeatedly), then i think the cards would be very useful, as it saves you the effort of either writing them down on your roster sheet, and then removing them when the games over, or, in my case, flicking through the book to find their stats whenever i need to. Same comment for free agents as well.

    Overall they are very well presented, definitely considering picking myself up the MVP and free agent ones at some point

    • sideofiron says:

      The other advantage with MVPs is that cards make it easy to randomly select X number of MVPs for an auction. You can even have a random number of available MVPs by throwing the key card back in and stop drawing when it comes up.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        Nice idea. I like cards for exactly this sort of thing. A very flexible medium.

      • Daniel Owen says:

        I did not think of that, that’s a very good point.

        • mastertugunegb says:

          Our group used the earlier DB cards someone made for our MVP Auctions. They came in handy. We just took out the MVPs that were not available for whatever reason, then shuffled in the rest and went from there.

  3. scarletsquig says:

    It could actually be possible to use cards for campaign tracking, if a deck was released with only cards for a single team and blank spaces to write in stat upgrades and new skills etc.

    “But.. writing on the cards would ruin them!” … I hear?

    Card sleeves! Can be written on with markers and wiped clean with ease. 🙂

  4. Chris says:

    If the back of the card contains a reference for how the player’s special abilities work, they’re very useful bordering on essential for some players.

    Otherwise not so much, you can get the same info from the Season 3 reference section or your team roster. With less table clutter to boot.

    • sideofiron says:

      I’m not sure.

      There aren’t too many special rules. Are people really struggling to keep track?

      For games like Warmachine, where spell lists and feats create hundreds of special abilities to remember across the game, such an approach is necessary… but even the most complex dreadball team has only a handful of special rules.

      With most teams having three player types, I can’t fathom needing a quick reference card for three models past a first game.

  5. JonnyG says:

    So with Mantic’s update for DKH4 or at least show some more sculpts? Also when they say teaser campaign on 7/4 that does not mean the real KS campaign correct? So will the teaser part be found on their website or FB or? Thanls

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