Updating Dungeon Sagas

In case you missed this in the comments: I will be putting up some rules updates for Dungeon Sagas here as the project rolls along.

Unfortunately I can’t give you a fixed timetable for specific bits yet, so you’ll just have to pop back every now and again if you’re interested (or subscribe with the button on the right).

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12 Responses to Updating Dungeon Sagas

  1. Brian says:

    Great! Something I have been meaning to ask about this particular rule:

    – During a Turn a Hero may Move and perform 1 Action. Any desired movement must
    be completed before the model takes their Action.

    I am sure you have considered the alternative of allowing a move after 1 Action. We found during playtesting one particularly large dungeon (one that I posted on BGG) that it becomes tough for the heroes when they open a door and cannot move, only to be confronted by another bad guy, sometimes many times over. It just felt kind wrong that the heroes could not bash open a door they were already standing in front of and rush into the room to wreak havoc.

    Any thoughts?



  2. eriochrome says:

    Great news. You probably need to start Brainstorming all the different types of things you can have heroes do down in the dungeon as you have like 60 scenarios to write.

  3. Do think you’ll be able to release the solo rules for testing?

  4. Danny says:

    Awesome stuff. Looking forward to seeing more and how you tackle certain game mechanic/features!

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