Mars Attacks Compendium

This should now be available digitally to backers. I didn’t back it myself, but that’s what I’m told. I expect that today’s Mantic newsletter(s) will explain the details if you’re not sure how to get hold of it.

A couple of questions have already been posted to the MA FAQ, and this is the best place for them. I’ll answer them when I’ve got a copy of the rules (and cards) myself 😛

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4 Responses to Mars Attacks Compendium

  1. Got a nice message through Kickstarter with the links and I’ve seen the news slowly spreading on Facebook as well (Martian Dreadball team seems particularly popular). Can’t wait to get stuck in on mine once they arrive, they might even bump the Zees out of the cue 😉

    Knowing Mantic the newsletter later today will have a nice, big blurp on them and the latest Deadzone releases. Rather liked how the latest batch of named Deadzones characters were labeled as a rogues gallery, feels oddly suitable to them!

  2. lord_blackfang says:


    World War and the Compendium have been digitally delivered to backers today. I only “leafed” through them but it is obvious that Jake has put his experience with DZ to good use and we are seeing a more polished product. At a quick glance, I noticed the multi-mat games in particular look much more integrated and less of an afterthought.

    I will try to resist reading through all the supplements in detail until I get some games with the basic rules in, however.

    Final note, I saw the MA Dreadball rules, but will they get any rules for DBX? Or will DBX be so backwards compatible that no further modification is needed?

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