Incoming Playtest Day

I’ve got a bunch of helpful comments to reply to on the latest threads. However, today I’ve been busy getting stuff ready for tomorrow’s DS playtest day. For that, we’re going to be splitting the group so that we can play both the core adventures and the expansions at the same time.

If it works like I hope it will, there’s going to be a great deal going on at once. I’m sure I’ll get very confused, dealing with queries across 5 campaigns simultaneously. Still, it’s the deep end where things happen, so might as well get chucked in there 🙂

Individual playtesters wil have a much more straightforward time as they’ll be focussing on a specific campaign. After all, that’s the gamer experience we’re testing. I have a rather unusual viewpoint.

I don’t know whether anything happened about the idea of streaming a live feed. I did pass the idea on, and we all agreed it was a fun thought. I just don’t know whether we have the people who know how to do this on hand or not.

We’ll all find out tomorrow 🙂

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8 Responses to Incoming Playtest Day

  1. Tyr says:

    Expansions? Any chance well see some of those? 🙂

  2. More I tell you.. MORE!

    Let us make the deep end even deeper.

  3. I hope some of the other heroes get a test today, it sounds like all 5 campaigns might be getting a bit of testing which is good.
    I am curious how the thief will work, for variety one run through we replaced the Mage with a thief using elf stats, and gave the following abilities “lock pick (x) – roll x extra dice when bashing locks” and “ward breaker (x) where you roll x die and for each die that is higher than the current ward value (or is a natural 6) reduce the ward by 1, back stabber(x) add x dice when attacking a model in their rear arc.
    2,1,1 initially moving up to 3,3,2.
    And added nimble (as per the DKH games)
    Feat 1 (sneak) carry out a normal turn except you may move through enemy front arcs and model bases with no penalty.
    Feat 2 until the start of next turn this model is always treated as in the back arc of any models adjacent (may not be attacked and may gain backstabber bonuses)
    We gave lockpick tools +1 to lock picking 1 use only, and null stones +1 to ward breaker 1 use only instead of crystals
    Unfortunately our version was great for getting through doors and wards (though unpredictable) and was fun to play in the banshee level but lacked the damage dealing of even the Mage
    Possibly making backstabber work against models in the front arc of a friendly model would have worked better.

    Anyway it was fun for variety but makes me keen to see the real rules.

    In terms of actual problems
    1 can a large model move diagonally through a narrow gap? I assume so not an issue on the current layout but came up in discussion
    2 shooting Los needs clarification particularly for the edge cases
    3 breaking away has already been raised

    One last thing which I would like consideration of is making magic items belong to the same “schools” of magic as the spells so immunities/reductions/bonuses can be applied to items as well as spells,

    Anyway I should go to sleep and hope I haven’t said anything too stupid

    • For Bookkeeperjason’s Ward Breaker (x) ability idea above: Should a thief’s Ward Breaker (x) be potentially better than a spell caster’s Break Ward spell? Seems a lot more powerful (i.e quicker for Wards greater than 1) for someone who should probably not be as skillful at the magical arts (and thus better at undoing arcane glyphs and what not) as a Spell caster.

      1 I’d think it would still need to be able to fit through a gap. If you try to move to the next 2 squares and one of those squares has a model in it, You’d have to choose another path or some way of getting that model to move (killing it if it’s alive being the favored method for pesky adventurers in an Overlord Minion/Boss Large Model’s path, after all that’s what they’re good for right?
      3 What about it specifically do you mean?

      • I am currently travelling in japan so haven’t been checking things as often, regarding ward breaker I am pretty sure jake has much better skills, but as far as mine went think of it as a Mage when they breakdown a spell, would do it one strand at a time, safely, but probably slowly, a master theif could never create a ward but probably know all kinds of tricks to weaken them, various materials that weaken magic fields, brute force methods like removing surrounding bricks when the symbols anchor to, something’s that work well but may be more dangerous than what a Mage would risk.

        (Don’t know if this works but image to show 1)

  4. Never mind looking at my own image I realise I can’t

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