Mantic’s Reveal Week

Danor-basic-450x315Over on their blog, Mantic are doing a week’s worth of spilling the beans on all manner of upcoming goodies. Some of these are DS related, so until the dust has settled on this I’ll hold of on DS topics of my own. I know that there is (supposedly) a daily schedule of what these reveals might be, but you never know when they’ll pull a surprise out of the hat. Plus Ronnie is on Beasts of War this week, and he’s the expert bean spiller 🙂

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  1. Tyr says:

    From what Ive heard, the DS-related stuff seems to have been released already… which is kind of a shame, since there wasnt really much that we havent seen so far (albeit not from official sources). Would really like to see what the final rules look like though, particularly the advanced rules. Any chance of that happening any time soon? :3

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I don’t think Mantic intend to publish the full rules in their entirety before they go out to the KS backers. However, I will be going over some of them in some detail if it’s not covered by Mantic this week.

      As you say, the DS stuff seems to be done, but Ronnie and an open mike are a dangerous combination, and who knows what he’ll say at BOW, or what might be held back for later this week as a surprise. And I’m not teasing here – I really don’t know any more than you do.

      • Tyr says:

        Well, I am a backer, so I dont really care *where* I get the rules from, I just really want to see them. 🙂
        RE: Ronnie, I dunno… he doesnt seem to be very involved with the actual rules, so it doesnt seem likely hed drop any tidbits beyond what we already know. Still, well see. 🙂

  2. If all the info is correct, the Dungeon Saga stuff was essentially a quick blast sent into the world to let folks know it is coming late summer/early autumn. A full week is planned for the end of June.

    This approach got some mixed responses over on the Kickstarter. What is being shown off is quite cool, but folks seem a bit irritated by the ‘we’ve got so much cool stuff to show off, just not yet and certainly not earlier here than to the broader audience’ Mantic have been using for the last few months new while random guys with cameras have spread more news around lately.

    Really looking forward to all of it regardless, but also wish Mantic was a bit more forthcoming with info on say the tiles, advanced rules etc. for Dungeon Saga and Dreadball Xtreme. Thinking the split release for the latter in particular was a bad move, it has left the game in a bit of a ‘deadzone’ after those initial few games (digital rules for other sponsors etc. could have done wonders here) Tough to be patient sometimes I guess, especially when there are a fair share of crowdfunding projects out there with issues as a direct result of poor communication, management of general lack of proofreading and the community is itching to help out if possible.

    Should be interesting to see what Ronnie spills tonight, as well as how Mantic will go forward when it comes to Kickstarters in the future. Really feel they took on way too much at the same time with the last few projects and all the tricky management that comes along with it (spend 1-2 weeks helping folks out and gathering up problem cases to pass on to the new KS guy, who has been doing a great job luckily, but it was a bit of a mess with big issues going by unnoticed all the way back from the original Deadzone Kickstarter). Time to fully complete some stuff and write out a plan of operation for the management and communication side for future projects first I’d say.

  3. It was interesting watching the interview. Ronnie is very energetic!
    I for one am very glad that the 3D furniture and doors will now come in the retail box as standard (means I may have over ordered such items for myself but that’s the joy of kickstarter’s) as anything that encourages longevity and wider markets is good in my opinion. (same as my reasoning for being happy with making Journal available to the public) I couldn’t quite make out what the bonus was going to be to the retail stores for the first batch, I assume Keldan, but wasn’t sure.

    It does make me wonder if my original thoughts on Kapoka being part of the Warlord of Galhir

    expansion and Ariyana being part of the Crypts of the Abyss at retail may come true as it would add appeal when both good and evil get reinforcements (though how it will be handled for the kickstarter would become be an interesting challenge) This is based on UPDATE 17:
    {Kapoka marks a new phase of this Kickstarter campaign….
    … Kapoka however is different: he is not going in the boxed game.
    Instead, Kapoka heralds in the first expansion for the game, which has a working title of Dungeon Saga: The Warlord of Galahir.}

    Speaking of the Journal, regarding base sizes we have normal 25×25, large 50×50 and extra large 75×75 (the dragon), will the journal contain rules for 25×50 bases because I really want to use the KOW2 Centaur as a player character, which means I would need to be able to move down narrow corridors. I was originally going to base my abysmal dwarf half-breeds on 50×50 bases when they arrived but will use 25×50 Calvary bases if the journal will have rules for the bases.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’ve not done rules for non-square bases as they are horrible (in rules terms) and only ever cause exceptions and problems for very little gain. Just say no.

      The Dwarf tunnelling thing from DKH was an example of that. Horrible.

  4. Thank you, I much prefer knowing so I can get back to planning.
    I guess my centaur will be The lieutenant for my twisted and bitter Druid in my forces of nature campaign.
    I can’t see a large based hero working on most maps.

  5. You said in your previous post on the dungeon journal there are lots of spells, dungeon creation cards, song cards etc, will the journal come with decks for those cards, a link for pdfs for print and play or will we have to photocopy? Do you know?

  6. With reveal week well and truely over, are there any tidbits you can share with us? An example progression tree for a naiad daemon hunter or some other race profession combination (we know you get three choices a level but could we have an example of what those choices would be for 4 or more levels even if you don’t tell us how the skill works). Or perhaps how orcs or daemons will differ from the undead (or the respective overlord cards), or how traps will work. Some little tidbit please.

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