Back At My Desk

Back to the routine (and a full inbox) again after a splendid time at the UK Game Expo in Brum. If you’re at all interested in board gaming, or just going in general, then you should seriously consider attending next year. It’s 3 packed days of all manner of gaming, and everyone’s there, from veteran gaming execs to inexperienced individuals playtesting their first ideas, and everything in between.

Although most of my time was spent in discussion with various folk about upcoming projects, I still had time to discover some great new games, a new gaming magazine, and buy some more games and a toy soldier or two. I’ll be talking about them as the week goes on. However, first thing I said I’d do is some more about Dungeon Saga, so that’ll be next.

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11 Responses to Back At My Desk

  1. Ben says:

    I think Expo is either approaching or passing the tipping point of being an rpg & boardgame convention to being a tabletop gaming convention. With the extra space for traders and tournaments next year I think there’ll be even more of a shift. In the least surprising news ever, I overspent lol. Did quite well for free stuff too, though, including the gaming mag. Krosmaster was my major new purchase. The funds had ran out by the time I discovered a stall selling the Twisted resins. I already have one but there were a couple of others there I wanted.

  2. New gaming magazine? Whats it called and what sort of thing does it cover?

    • Ben says:

      It’s called “Tabletop Gaming”, and it covers, well, tabletop gaming lol. Minis and board games seem to be the bulk of the content.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I’ve written half a review of it and will finish that off this week or next. Lots of goodies, news and fun stuff from the con to talk about 🙂

  3. Sam Dale says:

    I got to Partizan instead. I also overspent.

    I’d have had more off Fenris (giant mutant penguins!) if any of the credit card machines could have got a signal, or if I’d remembered my cheque book…

  4. Philip says:

    @Brett Haskell +1

  5. Hi jake, how those arrivals coming along?
    Hope things are going smooth!

  6. Tyr says:

    Must be one hell of an article were getting, looking forward to it. 🙂

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