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Big TrollFoundry have set up a new website called Casting Room Miniatures for the models that were made between 2006 and 2012, when “Other Hands” were running the company. These include a lot of ranges that have had spotty availability recently, including some that can be used for God of Battles armies. To quote their newsletter:

The Casting Room Miniatures ranges are (so far): Hittites, Nubians, Trojan Wars/Mycenaeans, Spanish and Carthaginians, Persians, Dark Age Warriors, Gauls, Chinese, Normans, Saxons, Medievals, Renaissance, Elizabethans/Tudors, English Civil War, Marlburians, Seven Years War French, Black Powder Civilians/Rebels & Rioters, Zulu Wars British and Zulus and Victorians/Edwardians that are also suited to Old West.

Various huge Napoleonic Ranges: Austrians, British, French, Portuguese, Prussians, Russians and Saxons.

Fantasy ranges: Street Fighters, Greek Mythology, Amazons, War Maidens, Beastmen, Demons, Adventurers, Goblins, Halflings, Rangers, Gigantic Trolls and Undead.

As a welcome to this new site, they’re offering free postage worldwide for the rest of the year, which ain’t bad.

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3 Responses to Casting Room Website

  1. If I got into kings of war the Greek mythology would have some miniatures to fill the gaps in Mantic’s range.

  2. Lee Wygant says:

    I have checked 4 of the fantasy links and they all are dead.

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