Some Classical (Greek) Carnage

Had a couple of 2-player games of Mythic Battles recently. I’m writing up the first one to stick on BGG as there’s not much on there at the moment. Hardly surprising as it’s not even been on the KS yet. That’s tonight 🙂

I only took one picture of the second fight as it was a bit more scrappy and technical, both of us seeming to have more difficulty coordinating our varied forces. On my side, that was at least partly caused by my initial choices. Instead of trying to pick a coherent force (which I would normally strongly recommend) I chose a selection of units that I haven’t used much, to see how they worked. The problem I had was that even though they went well individually, they never really gelled as a team, so I never had a very coherent plan. My fault entirely.

mb-fight-2I made a few errors, and then Ben made a couple, but he was a turn ahead of me in the killing stakes, and what had started out as a game either of us might win with Omphalos collecting turned into a race to strike the mortal blow.

This dice roll was the coup de grace on Hades, winning the game for Ben. The roll is a flukey one, but even without it Ben had a second activation to finish him off, so it looked like curtains for the Lord of the Underworld even on a fairly poor roll. Of course, if he’d fluffed all his attacks on both activations, I would probably have taken the last couple of wounds off Zeus, so it as actually very close.

That’s my story, anyway 😉

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5 Responses to Some Classical (Greek) Carnage

  1. Ben says:

    The link to the BGG post is now live and my comments here will likely make more sense in the light of my comments there 🙂

    Playing the first game as Athena left only Zeus amonst the four core box gods that I hadn’t used, so I took him for this game. I also decided I would try and draft a very mobile force in comparison to the lumbering one I took in the first. All the units I took had a base move of 2, except for Achilles. In the first game, he had dished out a lot of damage, but I found that in this game he got left behind somewhat, and if I was to put a mobile force together again I would try and make sure every unit had a movement of 2. I took Atalanta, partly because of her movement and partly because I’d never used her before, and she was a star. Well worth the two points.

    My strategy in this one was to go for the kill on Hades. I blocked an attempt early by Leonidas and a troop to claim an omphalos, but that was more about denial than a strategy on my part to win that way. I did absorb it so that I could use it as an AoW card, especially given Zeus’ lightening attack needs two of them. I got some good damage in early, but then stalled, in no small measure because I’d managed to shuffle every AoW card to the botttom quarter of the deck when I put it together. That meant Hades was able to heal some and Zeus got chipped away at. When Jake drew into his last card and I got to draw the remainder of my deck is when I was able to get going again, and Zeus finished the deal with a devastating lightening attack, as shown in the photo 🙂

    Overall I think the force did work and I don’t think I’d change anything from it. It across the board quickly and the area attacks of Zeus and Cerberus, plus the long range of Atalanta, and backed up by the 2 move Centaurs and Hell Hounds, was able to put a lot of pressure on quite quickly. Whilst I stalled, I was far enough ahead that I could finish the game off when my deck kicked into gear again. A couple of turns longer, however, and Hades might have healed enough to turn things in his favour.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I think it was that stall in the middle which allowed me to catch up as much as I did. In the end, given what I had on the board and in my hand, I think Zeus (who was only on 3 or possibly 4 wounds by this point IIRC) was toast if I got my turn. But I didn’t, and that’s what it’s all about. A well-deserved win by Ben 🙂

  2. Oh hey, Jake’s back! Good to see you again.

    I hadn’t heard of this game before but it looks superb. I’ll have to ask around to see if I can find a demo.

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