Mars Attacks!


Mars Attacks is a fast and furious skirmish game set in the universe first seen in a striking series of collectable cards back in 1962. Since then the story has been developed and expanded by additional cards, comics and a movie. In 2013 Mantic Games teamed up with the creators to bring you Mars Attacks the miniatures game.

The game is set in the quiet backwater of Greenville during the invasion and pits devious Martin invaders against plucky Human defenders. Each player leads his chosen force through a series of story-based scenarios to try and conquer or save the town and its citizens.

The 28mm models include a wide variety of different Martians and Human troops together with larger vehicles and flying saucers. Both sides are led by a selection of heroes with these being a major feature of the Human forces.

Beta Rules & Designer’s Notes

Living FAQ – common questions answered.

Mars Attacks: The Design Challenge – the trickiest part of the game design.

Mars Attacks Podcast – I’m interviewed by Neil of the Meeples & Miniatures podcast.

Mars Attacks & Deadzone – what’s the difference?

Heroes & Villains – the movers and shakers of Mars Attacks.

How Large is Your Martian? – some comparison photos of the models.

The Astounding 60s – when is Mars Attacks set, and why?

13 Responses to Mars Attacks!

  1. Any word on stats for Martians in Deadzone and Dreadball?

  2. Teskal says:

    Hi, about both bug types, is it true that they will have the same stats?

  3. Teskal says:

    I think we need a FAQ for Mars Attacks soon. 🙂
    First questions are already asked on the KS page.

  4. Amitloaf says:

    I have several (quite a few actually) questions to ask about the full rules of Mars Attacks. Who can I ask?

  5. Mike says:

    Got the game last night and really enjoy it, but I have 3 questions:
    1.) Any chance for a collector version of the playing cards with better art? Not sure why the switch when Mantic has license to all the high quality art from the IP.
    2.) Will there ever be hard plastic runs of the models? I love them, but not the bendy material.
    3.) There was a comic cross-over with Robots Vs. Zombies Vs. Mars Attacks. I would love to see Ashley Wood’s Warbots as special ‘guest’ minis in MA. I guess that would have been better as a stretch for the KS, but maybe for the next KS? Maybe even the next DZ KS?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      1) I doubt it. Remember that all of this has been approved by Topps, so presumably they were happy. I didn’t have anything to do with the card layout or art, but I rather like how they came out myself.
      2) Unlikely. Hard plastic means that the end user is expected to assemble the models, and this is off-putting for large swathes of the mainstream board game market. The slightly bendy stuff allows for finer models to be made and pre-assembled without them breaking. It’s become industry standard for this sort of product.
      3) I’ve not seen that crossover. The warbots are cool though 🙂

  6. Ashes says:

    The Humanity Resists expansion includes one scenario where Joe can fly a crashes saucer. When he turns into the saucer what stats do I use for him, especially heroics…?
    Thanks for any help.

  7. Zach Ruiz says:

    Were there any Heroic Abilities you brainstormed that didn’t make it into the final rules? Looking for more special rules to really make characters unique.

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