How Large Is Your Martian?

I’ve seen a few people asking how big/bulky/etc the Mars Attacks models are, and having managed to scrounge up a couple yesterday I thought I’d do a few comparison shots for your amusement.

The MA models look like they’re made of frozen milk because they’re 3D prints and that may be what they’re actually made from. Whatever it is, it’s translucent and very hard to pick out details, but that’s not why we’re here. There are lovely photos of the nicely painted models all over the Kickstarter, Mantic’s blog and so on. This is all about size.

I’ve tried to prop up models where appropriate so that the bases are close to the same height. I may be out by a tiny bit, but we’re talking under a mil, so the tops of the models are pretty close to right. Oh, and the final version of the Martians will naturally have a clear goldfish bowl on their heads too. Don’t forget that.

So, first up, how do the Mars Attacks models compare to Mantic’s other SF models? Here we have a Corporation trooper and an Orx. The Corporation model is a normal human in a bit of body armour, but isn’t all bulked out or bioengineered, so should be a good comparator for the Mars Attacks GI.

MA vs ManticWe’ve got to look at a Space Marine just because most gamers have seen them and it’s a useful benchmark.

MA vs GWI only had one Infinity model to hand and it wasn’t human, but at least you Infinity players should be able to use it as a size reference.

MA vs InfinityFinally, I’ve been thinking of the Hasslefree post apocalyptic models and wondering if they’d fit in scale. Looks like they do very well.

MA vs HasslefreeSo there you have it. How large is your Martian? That big.

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15 Responses to How Large Is Your Martian?

  1. Patrick says:

    huh. i thought they were much shorter than humans in the movie.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      They were, but our game is based on the official background bible from Topps where they are (I am told) 6 foot 2. If you look at the cards and comics as well it’s clear that it’s the film that’s out of step with the rest of the IP.

      • Drew (Doctor Warlock) Wood says:

        Height wasn’t the only thing “out of step” (what a wonderfully polite way of putting things)

    • sho3box says:

      My limited knowledge suggests that the Martians in the movie are a little shorter than the Martians as depicted on the original card set.

      I think.

      Are the DreadBall martians going to be slightly more petite, like the rest of the DreadBall range? I hope so.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        I would guess that any DB Martians would be the same size. I’ve just been looking at one compared to an Orx Guard. You don’t want them any more slight.

        • sho3box says:

          Being digital sculpts I figured that the same “chassis” would be used for any proposed crossover models. Even at 6’2″, Martians taller than Orx doesnt feel quite right to me, but I am sure that the Orx will look significantly more meaty alongside them anyway.

          I have to run, the UPS man just handed me my DreadBall S3 Kickstarter box of goodies 🙂

        • Quirkworthy says:

          Ooo… shiny 😉

          The Orx Guard and the MArtian grunt are the same height to the top of their respective heads. Almost exactly. But the Orx is waaaay bigger in terms of bulk and presence.

      • Drew (Doctor Warlock) Wood says:

        A LITTLE LOL!

  2. Willem-Jan says:

    Thanks for sharing these Jake, this is going to help out a ton of folks out there!

  3. So when are we likely to see martians on DB pitches? (I’m not following the MA kickstarter btw so forgive me if I’m asking an obvious question)

  4. Brad Guerre says:

    Is it the size of your Martian,…or how you use it?

    too obvious? It was too obvious,…I should be ashamed….

  5. maxxon99 . says:

    Maybe you could try the old shoe polish trick on them?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Nah, I’ll just use paint 😉

      The Mantic guys have tried a few different techniques on these 3D prints and most of them just make a mess. The detail is all there and you can see if you get it really close. Taking photos of it is another matter.

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