DB S3 Beta

DB logoThis page links to all of the current versions of the Season 3 public Beta teams and rules.

If we need to update the pdfs I will post them in a new thread with a new version number so that the conversation can continue from that point.

Currently we have:


13 Responses to DB S3 Beta

  1. Keith Mullumby says:

    DB team sheet modified by HS student feedback and with Nameless and Teratons added

  2. Craig Johnson says:

    Could we clarify that runaround only works for a run action, not a sprint, slam steal etc

    • Rob says:

      it kinda does in the first sentence of the ability as it states “a single Team Action Token can buy a Run action for two players with this ability instead of the normal one.”

      This is reiterated in the final sentence as well.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Runaround is a modifier to what happens when you spend a Team Action Token nothing more.

  3. Ducky says:

    The nameless use season the season one version of gotcha. Is there a reason behind this?

  4. Ducky says:

    Sorry about that.

    Gotcha!  (revised):  this  works  as  described  on  page  63

    But then you say in the beta rules with the following exception.

    Has the gotcha rule been included in the new rule book for easy access?

    I know some people use pdf cheat sheets and others who only own one book season one or two.

    Also when teleporting does the guard still get a bonus dice for moving? Its a run action but your momentum is what generates the dice.

  5. David Viola says:

    In Season 3, are the Z’zor team’s jacks supposed to lose slide? The summary for them on page 65 of the Season 3 rulebook doesn’t list it…

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  7. Adam Rush says:

    just want to say awesome game cannot wait for the ultimate Dreadball looks fun

    i am about to try to kick start a new league at my gaming club as Dread ball lost favour after every one got white washed by the Judwan in season two,
    is there any suggestions from either you guys or the people reading this that on ways to run a league (bar limiting teams), so that every one can get excited and not fear the Judwan one Idea we have is to run the league as an big tem so hve three main `sponsor` and every one plays games then the points are added up and averaged maybe please let me know your thoughts,

    • Rob says:

      the reduction in the Judwan’s speed and the change to the ball launch that is brought in with Season 3 brings them back into line with the other teams so they will not be as much as a problem

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