Battle Report

Writing a battle report at the moment, which is something I haven’t done in a while. Actually, I haven’t fought it yet, but I’m doing the “why I picked the army I did” bit for my intro. From experience, I’d say that these are best done before you fight it. It’s all too easy to reinvent the reasons you really chose things after the event. It’s not that I’m a stickler for honesty and that I must tell the truth (though that isn’t so far from my views anyway), but that you get more interesting topics to talk about like this. If I pick a unit for my army for reason A and then they turn out to do something completely different once I get them on the table, then I’ve got something interesting  and perhaps surprising to talk about.

I did play a game with these armies on saturday as a sort of warm up, and that helped me fine tune the army. However, that’s the only time I’ve ever played it. To be honest, that’s the only time this army has ever been played before. By anyone.

Cutting edge stuff, this game design lark. Almost like brain surgery 😉

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