Mmmm… Zombies :)

If you’re interested in Dwarf King’s Hold then you’re in for a fun time over the next few weeks. Not only have we got Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising coming back into print (get ’em while they’re hot!), but we’ve also got the second starter set coming in too, fresh off the presses. Orcs anyone?

Mantic are doing some cool deals, and I’m writing a new scenario (14) specially to go with the free miniature. (This scenario will eventually be available to everyone, so don’t panic if you already have DKH: DR – you don’t have to buy it twice). Early sneak peeks and the miniature to go with it (normally rather limited in availability) go to those who get this package deal.

But that’s not all. No, a packed box of shiny new toys, cool art and a spanking game isn’t enough. I’ve also done some rules for using Zombies in your games alongside the other minions of the Necromancer, and have put together what I’m calling a (Not Very) FAQ to deal with the few things I’ve been asked once each, and to cover the one genuine error that crept into Dwarf King’s Hold: Dead Rising. Then there’s the other new scenario (13) I did for Journal 4 which isn’t out yet, and a bunch more goodies I’m going to tell you about later. I have to stop now cos your drool is getting all over my site…


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