How Often is Often Enough?

Looking at the site stats, I always feel guilty if lots of people have come by and I haven’t posted anything new for them to see. Like a bad host. On the other hand, I also feel that it’s a shame when interesting posts and discussions disappear off the page before everyone can see them, so where does the balance lie? Do I aim to post every day so that the site always has fresh material on it, or pick and choose depending on the freshness and interest of previous posts? Hard to know.

What do you guys think? Come on now… don’t be shy 🙂

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6 Responses to How Often is Often Enough?

  1. Its a hard one JT sometimes I have a lot to say on my blog and then at other times its pretty quiet in my gaming universe. I normally set a target of 3 blogs minimum a week but try and stick below 6 although in some of the weeks I’m reviewing multiple items from the same company I’ll count those as one article really. What I would say though is only write something if you feel the urge, I’ve followed blogs where peeps have clearly written page after page of filler.

  2. Quirkworthy says:

    Good advice. Knowing me, I think I’ll end up either posting almost every day or wandering off for weeks on end. I’m better with a routine, and can usually find something to talk about without much effort. Without the routines I’m prone to being distracted by shiny things…

    It’s always hard to know what folk find interesting. The answer to that is (I’ve found) to just do what I find interesting and go from there. Same as game design: I make things I like, and hope other people like them too. We’ll see how we go.

    • absolutely, I’ve written my blog for just over a month and the articles that have proved popular have taken me by surprise almost every time. A blog about me getting new toys and a photo of the box it came in was one of my most popular blogs and still is… weird!!! But I suppose I was enthusiastic about it and that’s the thing, if you’re passionate, which I know you clearly are people will want to read it… even if its just to disagree with you. lol.

  3. Quirkworthy says:

    Always happy to have people disagree with me as long as they have a reason and not merely an unfounded bias. Debate is fun!

    • Absolutely. One of my mantras is ‘the truth is born of arguments’. I started my blog to find out what others were thinking just as much as it was to transmit my thoughts. Its also been really useful in helping me understand my own thinking. There is nothing quite like having to put things down in type to focus the mind.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        I also find that thinking about what I’m going to say – formulating a coherent reply, if you will – is different for writing. In a spoken debate I’ll just say what I think without any real plan and let it evolve organically. In a written comment I’ll not do much more, but what more I will do is structure the reply, even if only slightly.

        Having said that, a friend of mine told me that he liked this blog because it was written exactly as I speak, and he could hear me saying all this. Perhaps I don’t write and speak as differently as I think I do.

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