Busy, busy, busy

Not got time to chat today other than to say that you should check out Beasts of War next week if you’re interested in Dwarf King’s Hold. They’ve got some burblings from me plus a couple of new videos to go up in preparation for the release of Dwarf King’s Hold 2. As I said yesterday, Mantic will also be putting up the Zombie rules I’ve done, and that’s just what I know about. You never know what else may be lurking 🙂

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  1. I have looked on the Mantic web site for Dwarf King’s Hold for a FAQ and now Zombie rules and I have come up empty. Am I looking in the wrong places?

  2. Quirkworthy says:

    Hi Don! No, you’re looking in the right place, it’s just taking a little longer than I’d hoped to get it all online. I’m told they’ll be on the DKH hub, and I expect that they’ll also be mentioned on the blog when they go up. There’s a bunch of bits that we’re trying to get online before DKH2 is released as that’s a nice benchmark.

    Of course, if you have any specific questions then please ask away. I’ll be happy to answer them here.

  3. Boy did you ask for it! 🙂
    First there has been a development with my gaming. It seems that when you add magnets to the tiles the younger crowd (I have two young boys) get excited about laying out dungeons and extra activity started to delaminate my tile edges. While fixing up the tiles with tape I started thinking… A run to the home improvement store provided some one inch shale tiles. With magnets holding them in place I don’t need to have the tiles grouped so I put a magnet on each tile. Currently we are testing some simple rules to build dungeons on the fly during the games and it seems very interesting not to know the layout in advance. The way we are doing it the player has some control over the layout so defensive points can be added where needed. In any case the new tiles are very durable (just like rock!). I am now thinking about replacing the activation tokens with leather because the lamination on some of them is looking a bit dodgy (it seems we are playing frequently). If I am making replacement tokens that means I could roll my own so I am very interesting in any thoughts you have on game balance using activations and dungeon layouts that you are willing to share.

    On the FAQ front.
    I just noticed the other day that the rules do not seem to clear that the dice modifiers apply to both the attacker and the defender. In fact if I am doing it right a skeleton would not get a modifier if attacking because they only have two dice and a reduction in defense does not apply to an attacker. I have been modifying the dwarfs when attacking and reducing a die if outnumbered, wounded etc.. Is this wrong? I have run into three revenants placed where only one dwarf could attack and was not able to shift them even with a shield breaker and three follow on actions. No attacking modifiers for the dwarf would have helped.

    It seems that baleful gaze can be used any time during a turn. If the gaze is used to replenish the token pool can they be used in the same turn? We have not been playing it that way but it would be a very useful option for the Necromancer.

    On game balance.
    Once we get the handle on a scenario it often comes down to one dice role. I have not told my wife this because her response would be: Don’t spend all that time on the game just role the dice to see who won so we can go to the park or shopping. Joking aside I think I will create some scenarios where one side is so hopelessly outclassed and defeat so certain the result is the measurement of the heroics before “the end”. Looking forward to the release of Green Menace. I am trying to support a small local store so it seem I will have to make due without the driller perhaps I can make one from hardware store parts and put in a small motor so the drill turns…

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Hey Don,

      to take your first comment – firstly kudos to you for your craft skills! Sounds like we need to see pictures.

      Regarding game balance, the token sets are worked out once at the start as part of the character of the race rather than anything to do with a scenario. My aim is to make each different race as characterful as possible with a distinct style of play. The exact balance of each token set is a major part of this, coupled with their game values and special rules. You will also notice that the token sets in the two boxes are not the same size: something else I was playing with.

      How many token a side has in their pool is all just part of balancing the scenario, and this is a matter of practice with the system (to get a rough idea to start with), and then a great deal of playing, tweaking and playing again until it’s right. Keep swapping sides and playing with different people to make sure it really does work.

      Your idea of dungeon layouts with individual tiles as you explore the dungeon is an interesting variation. It’s very different from the way DKH normally plays as the balance of a scenario is often intimately linked to the exact layout, distance of models from certain key junctions or entry/exit points and so on. Exploring a dungeon that evolves as you go is fun (I have another game that does just that) and offers different challenges.

      • First of all thanks for your thoughtful replies. I will see about taking some pictures of my current board and tiles. I will also see what I can do about writing up a scenario or two. My new tiles have cracks between each tile and the tiles run about 1/4 inch high so I am looking at making some laminated paper doors that are inserted in the cracks between the tiles (laminators are fun). Hopefully I will be reading the rules from Green Menace soon. I am looking forward to the new races, treasure and ranged attack. Is it bad when the rule book is exciting?

      • Quirkworthy says:

        Only if you have to change your trousers.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      On your last point, I like the idea of lopsided scenarios. Used to play a tabletop scenario where the objective for one side (a group of heroes) was to last as long as possible against an oncoming army. They were going to be wiped out, it was just a matter of time. That was an entertaining change of pace once in a while.

      Nothing wrong with supporting your local game store. You can get the Driller with Mantic points if you want one. Of course, you could make one as you said, and having one where the drill actually turned would be cool…

  4. Quirkworthy says:

    Hi Don, lots to think about there! if you don’t mind I’ll get back to you on teh game balance and stuff when I’ve had a chance to ponder a decent reply.

    Q/A: Baleful Gaze: check the turn sequence on page 3. Using Baleful Gaze is step 5, so I don’t think the problem of whether you can use the new tokens or not arises. Replenishing the token pool is already pretty powerful for the Necromancer. You’re right that it would be “very useful” to be able to keep going, though that’s not how it currently stands. As it happens it was one of the variations I was considering for one of the expansions 🙂

    Q/A: Numbers of dice: Sounds like you are doing this right. The second paragraph under Fighting on page 6 says. “Each model starts with its basic number of dice and Armour as listed… then loses 1 dice if it is: Outnumbered, Injured, etc”. It says “Each model” so the modifiers apply to either attacker or defender if the situation is true. The first two conditions can apply to anyone in a fight. The third and fourth cannot logically apply if you are the attacker because you cannot attack and be attacked in the same roll. If you suffer reductions to your dice when you are attacking this can indeed make your Armour drop. However, this has no game effect as you are not being attacked at that point, so your example with the Skeleton sounds right: technically he would lose a dice for being outnumbered when he was attacking, but it makes no difference because he is already at 2 dice. A Revenant in the same position would lose a dice. Your Dwarf against three Revenants needs to find some mates to back him up!

    Hope this clears things up on the rules front and I’ll get back in a day or two.

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