On My Travels

Well I’m leaving the clan behind for a few days, zipping about the place, and may not have much computer access. So, if I’m a little quiet over the next week then don’t be surprised. That said, it is also possible that I will have some access, so I’ll still be posting up what I can. Do please pop back to check. You never know – I might say something interesting 🙂

Lots going on in the design front at the moment. Today’s meeting reorganised some scheduling slots to bring things forward for DKH3 (yay!) as well as another project I can’t tell you anything about yet. I also may have arranged another three new projects in the last 24 hours, though these things are never guaranteed until there’s a contract signed in blood, and even then…

So, I’ve bought a Big Fat Notebook to take on my travels to fill with secret plots and cunning plans. And yes, it is an old fashioned squashed tree style notebook, not a digital one. I’ve tried digital notebooks in the past, but I find them too limiting for the creative process which for me often involves doodles and diagrams as well as text: designing packaging, scenario maps, or alien races. I also just like the feel of a book. I just bought my wife a Kindle for her birthday and whilst I see its utility it brings me no joy. It’s cold and lifeless and clinically functional in a way that a well loved book seldom is. Coupled, of course, with the fact that most of what I read is obscure and not digitised yet, so even if I was using one I’d still have to be using real books as well.

And the pictures on Kindles are crap.

And you can’t colour them in with your crayons.

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2 Responses to On My Travels

  1. Elromanozo says:

    You’re right, nothing like pen and paper !
    Plus, it never needs recharging…

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