Dust to DUST

Just uploaded a partial review of DUST. I can’t put the photos in from my cocktail bar in Foreign Parts, so they’ll appear later. I’ll also add rather more commentary on the rules. But it’s something for you guys to amuse yourselves with.

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3 Responses to Dust to DUST

  1. Awesome now where the hell did you upload it to so I can have a read? 😛

    I’m looking forward to getting started with Dust myself and I’ll be very interested to see what you think of it all yourself. So if you could point me in the right direction I’d appreciate it!!!

  2. Huzzah, I’m an ejit… although you probably already knew that 😉 for those of you just as dense as I am the link is at the top under the ‘Quirkworthy’ header in the Reviews drop down menu. Simple when you know how really!!!

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Perhaps I should have been clearer. My bad. As I get more uploaded I am hoping that people will get the hang of looking under those headers, though you are right that I should make it clearer as there’s always a new face to welcome that may need guidance.

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