Just been talking to the nice chaps at Beast of War, and they’ve been good enough to set up a tag for Dwarf King’s Hold, so you can find all the related posts on their site on one page.

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11 Responses to DKH at BOW

  1. Awesome, I haven’t got round to playing green menace yet what with everything going on in my life right now. However the first DKH is about to get a retrospective prestigious award from my blog, so keep an eye out for it. 😉

    Its just a bit of fun really but I’m giving out an award t products I really like and personally recommend people should buy.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Prestigious awards sound like a Good Thing.

      I assume there will be glory to be basked in, and suchlike. Sounds arduous, though I shall do my best to bear up 😉

      • Well I’m not saying adoring fans will throw themselves at your feet, and I’m not saying they won’t!!!

        …they just probably won’t!!! I was chatting with a regular poster who said he liked my reviews but wanted to see some form of acknowledgement about which products having now owned them I would buy again if I had the money back in my pocket. A definite purchase if you will, a seal of approval. So I’ve come up with a silly award as I’m not pompous enough to come up with a deadly serious one!!!

      • Quirkworthy says:

        Silly or pompous, I think the meaning is the important bit, and the “I’d buy it again” accolade is a good one for prospective purchasers to see by way of review. I always search out reviews of new games that I’m considering buying, and very many of them are useless and tell me very little that helps my considerings. You can’t really say fairer than you like something so much that you’d buy it again. It’s a nice, simple metric to use.

        Of course, reviewing is a complex and personal thing, and it is very hard to come up with a system for a full review that applies to every item in the same way. Shorthands like this are a help.

  2. Yeah that was my logic too. I thought about it when I first started but because I had so few reviews I didn’t see the merit in it. People tell me they have found my reviews useful, some shop keepers have even told me they’ve used them when trying to sell goods (your game in particular!!!) but I still felt I needed something to denote the products that I really, really like and pretty much couldn’t do without now. This is the reward any way:

    and Dwarf Kings Hold: Dead Rising is 100% getting one.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Thank you Jody. We have four cats too, and I know how exacting feline standards can be. I’m honoured 🙂

      • Well cats are picky sods at times. They know what they like (not very much) and they know what they don’t (everything else). Plus the four sods we own seem to love my hobby room more than me!!! I think its all the sharp implements and nasty chemicals, they just love getting through those 9 lives do cats!!! lol.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        You “own” your cats? I thought it was generally the other way round (though they often like to let people think differently).

  3. Oh yes I own them!! They respect my authority… except Tybs. Tybs is a right git!!!

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