Derby World Wargames – Saturday

Another weekend, another event! This weekend it’s Derby World Wargames, at Derby University in the UK. This used to be called the Old Glory Nationals, and to veterans like me that’s what it’s still referred to as. In fact, as I never bought any models from Old Glory, when I use the phrase I tend to mean this event. Anyway, I’ve got a load of photos to sort through and will post a more organised commentary in a day or two. There’s not time tonight as I’ve got to assemble the ships and learn the rules for Dreadfleet. I’m playing it tomorrow. But back to the show…

We got there just before the traders were finished setting up so wandered about looking at the games. This one caught my eye: the raking light of the early morning sun catching the pennons of the lancers as they prepared for battle 🙂

This is a 2 day event so if you have a chance to pop down tomorrow you could still attend. It’s been a great day today and the atmosphere has been very cheery and full of smiles. It’s quite a big event – the photo at the top shows less than a fifth of the floor area. There are loads of nice display games, a few intriguing participation games and loads and loads of traders, some with shiny new toys. More of that later 😉

I also met up with Frontlinegamer – always good to put a face to a name.

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17 Responses to Derby World Wargames – Saturday

  1. So then Jake, you planning on geting the Galleon from Ainsty Games? I so want a pirate board now… 😦

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Well it’s my birthday very soon, and my wife was just telling me she never knows what to get me for Christmas either, so you never know. I have also been looking at pirate models a bit since I got back, not all of which were quite as I remembered. Anyway, the new and shiny Ainsty ships are ever so tempting.

      • Not quite as you remembered in a good way… or in a bad way? I agree those ships do look ace and a pirate port board is such a very tempting hobby project. All the way home on the train I was thinking about which Monkey Island scene I’d like to recreate… it has to be Melee Island I think.

      • Quirkworthy says:

        Not quite in a bad way. I had another look at the photos and they look very static. Not only the peg legs are wooden. A shame, but there are plenty more pirates in the sea 🙂

  2. pancake says:

    You never know what tomorrow will bring. 🙂 They are very nice ships indeed.

  3. Minitrol says:

    Jealous these events look like such fun.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      Today was particularly entertaining. Events always have a vibe, regardless of their subject, and today everyone just seemed to be upbeat. It could have been the sunshine, perhaps all the traders were making money, or the dice were being kind to the chaps on displays. Maybe there was just something in the water. Whatever the reason it was a happy place to be. I’m going back tomorrow and hope for more of the same 🙂

      I thought they had conventions all over the place, not just in my back yard. Granted they may be more or less frequent, but surely there are some. In either case, I’m happy to bring you some pics of nice looking games and cool new toys. More of which later.

      • I wish there were more in our neck of the world. Well, looks like one has to start it here… 😉

      • Yeah I think it was the sun and Derby’s excellent town planning that made everyone so happy!!! Everyone did seem in a really good mood and it was quite a chilled environment. Also I think I might have worked out what that weird plastic space goblin thingy was… it was the Gretchin servant from Space Crusade. Sorry but it was bugging me all the way home!!!

      • Quirkworthy says:

        Ah. Obscuro. I only ever had an incomplete second hand copy of Space Crusade and it was missing him. I don’t feel deprived.

  4. Minitrol says:

    We get tournaments and the occasional train show nothing like the epic ECW displays or the War of the Rose. The historic wars of our neck of the woods notoriously difficulty to model and game.

  5. Minitrol says:

    Lol true. We have a lot of wrecks near where I live so scenarios could be limited…

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