A Busy Day Of Gaming

After spending a couple of hours assembling ships for Dreadfleet, I had another trip to Derby for the second day of Derby World Wargames. I then rushed back just in time to have my first game of Dreadfleet. Been a busy day.

I’ll be posting up some comments on the assembly in a moment, then the event pics and finally a run through of the first game and my thoughts on that (or perhaps I’ll do the last two the other way round) in the next day or so. Suffice to say that DF is not without its issues, in both component quality and game terms.

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4 Responses to A Busy Day Of Gaming

  1. Minitrol says:

    Great looking forward to this! Right if to feed the tribe.

  2. Grimmeth says:

    I’ll be interested to see your professional opinion on the game. I decided not to plump for a copy (as that £70 could be spent on other hobby items that I’d be more likely to use more than once) but after reading a few reviews and GW’s online turn example it all seems to be a little too random?

    • At Grimmeth, that is my take on it so far. It looks a little bit too random. to the point where by as Jake said to me on Saturday that the person who rolled the best dice would win. That’s a great way to even the playing field but it also takes the skill out of the fight. Might not stop the game being fun though.

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