Tribes of legend – Look Inside

Tribes of Legend is up on Amazon with their shiny look inside feature, which is cool. This is the first time I’ve seen most of it in its finished form, so it’s fun for me too. One of the things I didn’t know about the look inside feature is that you can click on the surprise me button and reveal a load more pages, which is neat 🙂

Speaking of ToL, I had a couple of games this morning. We played the mass battle game twice in 90 minutes (not counting set up time), which goes to underline just how fast and brutal the whole thing is. I managed to just engineer a loss both times. In the second game my centaurs had victory firmly in their grasp, but put it down to reach for another sack of wine. Drunkards all. They’re a fun lot to play, though not an army for players who insist on their army doing what it’s told. Bob took the City States army, which is much better behaved.

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7 Responses to Tribes of legend – Look Inside

  1. Minitrol says:

    Mrs Trol saw me perusing this page and ordered it for me as a treat!

    Colour me excite…

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