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Lots of Catching Up To Do

What with Ancient Grudge coming out, Project Pandora being promoted for a week on the Mantic blog, the Kings of War tournament last week and a Foundry Open Day today (where I’ll be running games of Tribes of Legend), I’ve … Continue reading

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Legendary Tribes

Foundry continue to support the Tribes of Legend rules with another wave of Greek Mythology figures. I’ve lost track of which ones are yet to come, but I think there’s one more wave left. It’s a big range and that’s … Continue reading

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As you can tell by my silence, it’s been a busy week one way or another. On the gaming front, Foundry have released the Tribes of Legend book, and continue to add more to the rather jolly range of miniatures … Continue reading

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2012 – The Year Ahead

Yesterday I looked at what I’d been up to in 2011. Now we’re in a brave new year, what’s on the agenda? Well 2012 should start with a bang as two games from me come out in January: Dwarf King’s … Continue reading

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Foundry Christmas Open Day 2

The Saturday seemed a bit busier than the Friday and this all added to the fun. I’ll happily claim that it was because several people had come specially to play Tribes of Legend, (which was rather flattering), though it could … Continue reading

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Foundry Christmas Open Days

I keep talking to people who say they’ll meet me at one event or another, and I just thought I’d let you guys know I’d be going along to the Foundry Open Days tomorrow and Saturday in case you fancied … Continue reading

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Tribes Of Legend – Update

Well the time must be getting nearer as I’ve finally seen a printed copy of Tribes of Legend. The bulk of the run are still on the Slow Boat From China, but Hermes brought a copy by air for me … Continue reading

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