Things You Should Read: Number 2

Oddly, given the title, I wasn’t really intending this to be a series, but here I am. Today I’d like to bring your attention to the unjustly ignored:

I’d have hoped that more would know of this excellent site, but judging from some recent conversations I’ve had it would seem that they’ve snuck under a lot of radars. Anyway, if you don’t know them, Under the Mountain is an outstanding site for news on top quality figures in general, and Rackham’s Confrontation range in particular (plus Legacy Miniatures’ continuation of the same).

In terms of coverage, he provides a rather eclectic selection of topics, but generally in more depth than most general gaming news sites. He seems to be interested mostly in the sculptor-owned boutique companies which are often little known and very high quality. I’ve found out about more than a few miniature lines from UTM.

As an example of the level of detail here, TGN’s coverage of the recent Taban release of a long-lost Rackham model got one photo. That’s fine as they tell you it’s there and point you to the Taban site. Under the Mountain, being tightly focused on figures, found 15 images, including the concept sketch, and the original announcement from back when it was going to be a Rackham release 🙂

Well worth a look, even if it’s just to gaze longingly at the lost majesty of the Confrontation range.

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10 Responses to Things You Should Read: Number 2

  1. billops says:

    nice blog indeed.
    Im not ashamed to advertise :
    , a mostly informative blog but quite exhaustive.
    Plus we give free stuff away (sometimes) 🙂

  2. billops says:

    its not about the quantity, its about the quality my good man 😉

  3. Sam Dale says:

    Jake, you git. I’ve been aware of that site for a while, but hadn’t been on in a while. And now I’m watching ebay for samurai goblins…

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