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Made Me Smile :)

Just found one of the most amusing Kickstarter videos I’ve seen. Thought I’d share it with you🙂

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Hectic Time

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, what with the UK Games Expo and all. Still sorting through the fallout from that before I post an AAR. I’ve also been along to several gaming sessions, including some very interesting playtest … Continue reading

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Back From The Expo

Feeling a bit jet-lagged this morning after a marathon train journey back from the con. Very happy with going though – I’d not miss it. My head’s still buzzing with all the stuff I saw, all the people I spoke to, … Continue reading

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Expo Is Live!

I’m at the UK Game Expo now, waist deep in gaming goodies, no doubt. Depending on connectivity, I will try to post some observations from the event or my hotel in the evenings. We’ll have to see how that goes. … Continue reading

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What He Said

I’m not a regular watcher of particular channels, or a regular reader of specific blogs. Having said that, there are some I return to again and again. One YouTube channel I like is Tabletop Minions, and in case you don’t … Continue reading

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Slight Technical Issues

Been having some tech foolishness this week (broken screen, weird pop-ups, corrupt browser script – maybe), which has delayed a few things. One of those is the FAQ on DS LOS which I now hope to start publishing in bits … Continue reading

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Vac-Forming And Gaming

Reflexively, I like this. I want to get one and find some clever gaming use for it. Unfortunately, having seen many vac-formed bits of terrain over the years, I can’t say I’ve ever been really impressed. OK, on occasion, and not … Continue reading

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