Wading Through Neck Deep FAQs

Well I managed to reduce the comments on the DB FAQ from just over a hundred back to a mere 60 or so. There are still some good questions I need to subsume into the main body, but I’m getting there.

I think the discussion section is working well as I can bring in the best bits of our discussion in the comments before I delete them. This way the FAQ can grow as a resource without needing a tail of 200 comments that new folk have to wade through to find the good bits.

I’ve also sorted the questions out into categories so that they will be a bit easier to find 🙂

The layout is still a touch flakey, but that’s WordPress for you. What you see isn’t quite what you get. I keep meaning to buy (and learn how to use) the CSS expansion so I can do nicer layout, but for the moment I just want to concentrate on getting the text up so you can play the game. Pretty can be done later.

I’ll have another couple of hours trawl through tomorrow and that should be the bulk of it for the moment. Then I need to do the same for the PP and DKH FAQs. I think this format works loads better so I’ll copy it across to them too.

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8 Responses to Wading Through Neck Deep FAQs

  1. MMM says:

    You´re doing a great job Jake.

    Would it be ok if I publish a PDF file with the latest Living FAQ (updated on a monthly basis) at the Mantic forum?

    • Quirkworthy says:

      It’s a good idea to post a pdf of the FAQ, but I think now is too early.

      For the moment I’d be very grateful if you could just point anyone who has a question to the FAQ page here so I can (a) make sure they are answered and (b) know what the questions are.

      My aim with the Living FAQ is to capture all the issues folk have with DB in one place. It’s not even out in the world yet, and so there will be a wave of questions that arise when people start playing en masse. There are always some. Any FAQ you post now will inevitably need to be changed in a week or two.

      The FAQ (in fact, this whole site) is done in my “spare” time, which is why I’m always struggling to keep up. Unfortunately I don’t get to read all the forums I used to any more so I rely on people to come here and ask questions directly. Hopefully people will get comfortable with that if they aren’t already. I’m doing my best not to be too scary 😉

      My concern is that a pdf will make it look like the FAQ is finished, rather than the living document it really is, and that will encourage players to just look at it and then get frustrated if they can’t find their answer. In fact they could always come here – they just need to know that.

      When I’ve got to the end of a batch of comments I am happy to make a pdf of the FAQ as it then stands and add it to the page. You can then take that and put it wherever you like. That would be great, and make it easy for players to print out or whatever. I’m happy with the concept of a pdf as long as people know that it is a living document and the “master copy” is here.

      As I said before, my concern is that people will have questions that aren’t answered, or are answered wrongly because they are asking in the wrong place.

      Sound fair?

      • MMM says:

        Sounds fair to me.

        Would it be ok for you to translate the FAQ or/and the DB rules into other languages?

        • Quirkworthy says:

          I only speak 2 languages fluently (English and bad English), so I won’t be translating anything useful myself 😛

          Mantic are already working on some rule translations. I don’t know release dates and such, but we were discussing this last week so it is coming.

          I would be very happy for you to translate the FAQs if you were so inclined. It would be a very useful service for the community 🙂

        • MMM says:

          Once you post a pdf I´ll translate that document.

  2. MxJoker says:

    Can you add an entry at the top of the document that has the last edited date? I come back to check in and don’t know if things have been added. Thanks!

  3. Stanton Lowe says:

    can players stand on the goal if the ball is not there? if so doeas this block the as if they were blocking a shot by standing in the score zone?

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