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Wildcard is one of the Season 2 MVPs, and as such shouldn’t really be out and about for months yet. However, KickStarts being the odd things they are, and Ronnie having trouble keeping shiny toys to himself, more than a few of you are going to have a model for this young lass before Santa comes down the chimney 🙂

Because new models are always more fun when you can play with them, I’ve got a sneak peek of her rules from an early draft of Season 2. These still have more playtesting to survive through, though I think she’ll work fine like this. She’s certainly worth trying out.

So without further ado… ladies and gentlemen, I give you…






One of the current favourites of the crowd is the dazzling Wildcard. Like Lucky Logan, she appears in all the most fashionable commercials, and also like Logan she specialises in pulling victory from the jaws of defeat.

Role Move Strength Speed Skill Armour Min Cost per Game Notes
Jack 6 4+ 3+ 4+ 4+ 9mc Even the Odds, Slide

Plays for: genetically pure human teams or Asterians.

Wildcard is a fast and agile human, with a distinctive uniform and a flashing smile. She is a boon to the cameras which often focus on her even when the ball is elsewhere on the pitch.

Her appearance is unlike most of the teams she plays with, with a uniform that is more akin to Asterian body suits in general cut than a normal human DreadBall suit. Her clothing also seems to offer a similar level of defence to Asterian smartsuits, becoming rigid in response to kinetic energy. This allows her to appear only lightly protected, which can encourage unwary foes closer than is usually good for them.

Her playing style and philosophy echoes the lithe and enigmatic aliens too, and she has been known to play alongside them on the few occasions they sought outside aid. On the pitch her movements are almost languid when her team is winning, but as soon as things go awry she redoubles her efforts. Every opposing move is scrutinised for weak points and she is quick to exploit any that she finds. However, as soon as the crisis is over she slips back into a more relaxed style of play. It is almost like she wants to keep the game in balance rather than win it outright.


Wildcard in game


Even the Odds (Jack)

This ability is exactly the same as Running Interference (see page 42 of the main rules), with the exception of when it can be used.

Instead of a limit of once per match, Even the Odds can be used once in any opposing Rush that begins with the opposing team having a score greater than zero.


Slide (Jack)

The player may Dash as part of any action that allows them to move at least 1 hex.


Note: “Genetically Pure Humans”

In a universe largely populated by aliens and mutants, the term “genetically pure human” simply means what it says: neither mutant nor alien. In the case of who an MVP will play for, genetically pure human teams are currently limited to the Trontek 29ers and the Void Sirens.





Now it’s entirely possible that the table will go a little screwy for some folk, depending on which browser is being used. The internet is like that. So I’ve got a pdf for you as well. It’s the same thing as above, but perhaps in an easier format:

Wildcard v2

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24 Responses to Wildcard

  1. Lee says:

    Awesome! Thank you for this, very intriguing to get a peek at some of the new Season 2 rules concepts as well. Sort of surprised to see Wildcard as a Jack, but the abilities look very cool. Can’t wait to try it out!

    • Doug says:

      Currently the only striker MVPs in the game are Gorim and joe. Strikers are so good already and the effects of getting upgrades so potent on their already great abilities, I see it as quite hard to create balanced MVP strikers.
      I would have picked No.88 as a Striker given its lithe appearance and description. Hell, I’d have said Logan was too, given his image and the way the background describes Strikers as the Stars of the game (makes it hard to think of Strikers as generic in that context, I would think they’re all MVPs…). However, you couldn’t IMO really give a Striker 2+ Speed and Move 8 (probably closer to Move 11 given how easy it would be to dash on Spd 2+) and expect a balanced game unless there were some serious rules downsides (like ‘killed if you score 2 or more points of injury rather than 4).

      As soon as i saw the stats for No.88 there was no way I could see it being a Striker. But the position constraint creates really odd comparisons; No.88 is ridiculously fast and quick and one of the toughest models in the game, yet a slow and fragile FF striker can actually do more.
      Because Strikers already come with so many inbuilt abilities, it’s going to be interesting to see how we get Striker MVPs that are better than normal strikers without being virtual auto win buttons….

  2. james says:

    looking pretty cool buddy

  3. moocifer says:

    I like the SLIDE ability. *

  4. Jay says:

    Very cool – thanks very much for sharing. I cant wait to get some of the figures in my hands!

  5. RangerRob says:

    Thanks Jake! Like her and how she will apparently play.

  6. Very generous of you (and Mantic) to give us some rules for a season 2 mini this early!

  7. Thanks for the rules and the clarification of Genetically Pure Humans. Even the odds looks like my kind of ability.

  8. james says:

    just got to wait for my toys now

  9. Sebastian (rashktah) says:

    I really do love the new skills. That’s some neat twists there.
    I can’t say the same about the pose of the mini on the picture though. May be the angle of the shot, but the arms and legs seem to be positioned very awkward. She looks a bit like she’s trying to lift off… O.o

  10. Sebastian (rashktah) says:

    Speaking of bent legs, can the Restic (?) used by Mantic be heated (eg by dipping the mini in hot water) and then bent a bit?

  11. randomage says:

    The body pose is ambiguous, my brain is interpreting as if she was feinting a pass or a run while not committing to either. It’s certainly not an impossible pose, but a puzzling one. Might have been what the sculptor was going for.

  12. Dave Yeeles says:

    Of course the fact that she’ll only play for genetically pure human teams introduces the possibility of non pure teams in the future. I know all races for the next couple of supplements are decided but maybe a non-official race?

    Or even DreadBall Extreme.

  13. MMM says:

    Thanks for this Nikolaus present.

  14. Marashir says:

    Just wait till you see it in person: they decided not only to give her that epileptic pose, but fitted her with a pair of hooker-issue platform boots (imagine the ones in her concept art, just turned up to “streetwalker”). Because nothing says accomplished female athlete like ridiculous high heels, lol! At least you’re not paying for it (the miniature, that is).

    Thanks very much for the rules peek! Now the long wait for the game… seems the closer it is to coming, the longer the waiting is.

  15. E°r°i°c°k, alias Silence Indigo says:

    Nice skills. That makes her quite unique as a MVP… can’t wait to try her out. Seems she’s the “ultimate jack archetype”…

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