I Am Weak

It was going to be goblins. Lots of them. I’d got piles of the little fellers piled up ready, then this nice chap in a snazzy brown outfit came and delivered a box.

Sedition Wars arrives

It’s shiny and it’s new.

It’s not my fault.

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30 Responses to I Am Weak

  1. Sami Mahmoud says:

    You’ll be pleased to know that I haven’t opened mine yet as I’ve shown the willpower to stick to working on my Dreadball minis 😉

    Be interesting to see your take on the quality and layout of the rules, which I haven’t looked at myself, but they have taken some criticism.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      That’s very commendable Sami.

      I wasn’t thinking of doing an unboxing as there seem to be plenty of those about. I’ll be looking at some of the details though, and probably the gameplay once I get it all built. I’ve also got a few of the metal figures that Mike’s done for this range, which I thought would be interesting to put side by side.

  2. What’s wrong with you man?!
    Have you no discipline?!!!!

  3. I met a wargamer once who didn’t want new shinies….

    Weird Bloke.

    You are only mortal in this regard.*Looks at unfinished Dreadball Minis”

  4. LavaJohn says:

    I had the same problem with Dreadball…

  5. Dan says:

    I played this on the weekend, but was only able to do so after printing out 7 pages of errata and FAQ, which covered about half of the issues with this rule book. We had a blast playing and the game has great cinematic moments, they’ve unfortunately not done too well with their rules prior to publishing. Once they sort it all out, I think this game will be really quite good. I can’t recommend trying to play this straight from the book, though.

  6. Still waiting for mine ( my fault, forgot to confirm on the pledge manager… ) so seeing this makes me pretty jelly!

  7. Ben says:

    I am jealous.

  8. Pikaraph says:

    Lucky one !!
    I regret I didn’t pledge on this… but I’m not weak now I know 😀
    Minis are really great indeed.

  9. varagon says:

    I’m happy with the quality so far (Unboxed and started putting minis together, punched out the card stock, etc), and have read through the rules. I’m still waiting to play and would love to hear more of a review and thoughts from someone who has done professional game design work. So, if you are distracted, at least you can say it’s part of the new discipline for posting reviews on your blog. 😀

  10. nathan payne says:

    hi jake been looking at this, i’m intetested to see what you think of the game. I really dont want a game that i need so much errata to play it my head pops. malifaux killed my will to play it. so much errata it was a mine field.

    • Quirkworthy says:

      I have heard that there’s a lot of errata, though I don’t know without looking whether it really is errata (changing what is printed) or whether it’s clarifications and, effectively, FAQ. I’ll post on quirk when I’ve had a proper read through all the gubbins.

      • 1.5 rules are soon up for download. Else: Quality of the minis is good. Only the boards could have been better. But if they sometime release upgreaded boards I would be absolutly happy.

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